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Hope approves tentative budget

 Hope TB October 12 2020

Hope approves tentative budget


HOPE—At the October 12 meeting of the Hope Town Board, Town Steven Supervisor Tomlinson distributed a copy of the 2021 Tentative budget. All requested changes in line items was discussed. Supervisor Tomlinson added that Jill Dunham, Town Clerk, and himself worked on the Tentative budget, but due to the nature of the layout that has been used for many years, it was difficult to complete it for accuracy. Supervisor Tomlinson reached out to the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office for assistance. They were able to reformat the layout and find an accurate solution to completing the budget. All members recognized the efforts of all involved. After discussion of the Tentative budget and agreeance of changes to be made, Supervisor Tomlinson asked for a resolution to accept the budget and set a time and date for the Public Hearing and presentation of the Preliminary 2021 Budget.


On a motion by Councilperson Mark Stuart, seconded by Councilperson William Witts, the following resolution - Approval of the 2021 Tentative Budget - was ADOPTED - Ayes 5 S. Tomlinson, M. Stuart, W. Witts, J. Stuart Jr., D. Downing. Nays – 0.

Supervisor Tomlinson and Town Clerk Jill Dunham will present the town board and public with a 2021 Preliminary Budget on November 9, 2020 at 6 PM.


Supervisor Tomlinson distributed a report from Mike Stewart showing the total to date Building Permits issued to residents. He also distributed a copy of the monthly Coe Officer’s report. It read as follows: Permit log for the year is attached for board member review. I have been inspecting permits as requested: Christman house has a completed foundation. Racette house is set and being competed inside. The Wood house has been relocated to the new foundation and septic is installed.


Supervisor Tomlinson advised the town board members of Joan Stuart. Two of her children are current board members and they updated on the services planned for their mother.

Supervisor Tomlinson spoke of the impact Joan had on the community, not only as a member, but a forever cherished teacher at Wells. All member gave their condolences and agreed that her loss is felt throughout the community. She will be greatly missed, and we thank her for all her years of service to the school and community. A moment of silence was recognized in her memory.


Supervisor Tomlinson distributed a letter he received from the Town of Northampton thanking the Town of Hope and its board members for the donation of two pieces of fence that was in the Willard Cemetery. Most of the fencing had to be removed due to the bad condition it was in. The Town of Northampton reached out to the Town of Hope about acquiring the two pieces that were salvageable. They wished to use to outline their historical cemetery. The town bard agrees to donate it to them for their project. They were able to remove it without causing any disruption to the Willard Cemetery. The new fencing is not expected to be delivered until sometime later this fall. Superintendent Colson added that he wanted to add painted stakes and stone makers to open plots so that they would be easier to locate when needed. All board members agreed, and he will investigate doing this at some point next spring.


Highway Superintendent Zachery Colson reported the following: We rented two excavators to finish the work on the River Road. All members were invited to go see the hard work put forth by the Highway Department.

Superintendent Colson is finishing timecards for the Halloween Storm FEMA project. Apparently, there was an error on FEMA’s end and all timecards must be resubmitted and reviewed. Once approved, they will send the reimbursement.

The Highway crew continues to remove brush Moan & Groan Road, Creek Road, and Bear Creek Road.

CHIPS forms have been submitted and Superintendent is waiting for that reimbursement.

Superintendent Colson added that along with all the above going on, Superintendent Colson is seeking the town board’s approval to set a date and time to open sealed bids turned in for the logging project. The ad to obtain a bidding packet is running in the Leader Herald from October 14-21. Superintendent Colson would like bid opening to be on October 26, 2020 at 6 PM at the Town Hall. All board members agree with this and passed a resolution to set the date of the bid opening for the logging project. It will take place October 26, 2020 at 6 PM at the Town Hall.

The next scheduled Town of Hope Town Board meeting will be held on November 9 at 1930 at the Hope Town Hall.

The Town of Hope Budget workshop will be from 6 PM-7 PM. Public discussion is scheduled from 7:00-7:30 PM.

The Regular Board Meeting will begin at 7:30 PM.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Jill Dunham, Town Clerk.

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