Monday, October 19, 2020

ILCS BOE September 15 2020

ILCS BOE September 15 2020

No sports at Indian Lake Central



Superintendent Dave Snide presented the Superintendent's/Principal report and said the Re-opening was going well, There will not be Section VII sports participation because of possible Wuhan Virus safety issue and Open House/Parent Teacher conference will be virtual for the same reason.


Jon Voorhees moved, seconded by Bob Lewin to approve regretfully recommendations to not participate in sports this fall season. Carried.

Jodie Seymour moved, seconded by Jon Voorhees to approve CSE Recommendation #000092027. Carried. Mrs.

Seymour moved, seconded by Corey Hutchins to approve Ben Conboy substitute teacher. Carried.

Voorhees moved, seconded by Hutchins to approve resolution for retention and disposition schedule for New York Local Government Records. Carried.

Lewin moved, seconded by Mr. Hutchins to approve policy #6570 Remote learning (with some deletion), #7150 remote learning and policy# 3520 Extraordinary circumstances. Carried.


Lewin moved, seconded by Mrs. Seymour to adjourn the regular board meeting at 6: 45 pm and go into Executive Session. Carried.

Executive session was closed by Dave Harrington. Harrington called the regular meeting to order at 7:30.

Lewin moved, seconded by Hutchins to approve sub pay increase non-certified to $15 per hour and certified sub to $17 per hour. Carried.

Mr. Lewin moved, seconded by Mr. Hutchins to approve to increase cleaner pay rate by $1.00 more per hour when the employee successfully passes the civil service custodian exam.

This article is based upon minutes by Dianna Wilder, District Clerk

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