Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wells hydroelectric plant in the black

 Wells TB September 14 2020

Wells hydroelectric plant in the black 


WELLS—At the September 14 meeting of the Wells Town Board, Supervisor Nick Mauro reported on the Lake Algonquin Hydroelectric Plant for August 2020. Revenues totaled $562.03; expenditures totaled $887.37. Year to date, revenues $85,806.69, expenditures $73,323.59.


RESOLUTION #79, Authorizing the Supervisor to enter a Professional Engineering Services Contract was TABLED

RESOLUTION #80, authorizing the Supervisor to enter a contract for debris removal was also TABLED.


Supervisor Mauro announced that unfortunately, due to the Wuhan China Virus, the town will not have a Town Picnic this year as it usually draws over 100 residents.


Position was advertised in the Hamilton County Express for two consecutive weeks and received interest from 2 applicants. Councilperson Lauria recalled holding interviews in the past with a Special Meeting, then going into Executive Session. This was to take place on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 6 pm. Required Open Meeting Law will be followed with placement of a legal ad, posted on the Town Website and the Clerk’s bulletin board.


Supervisor Mauro read four letters of thanks. Resident, Dee Parker; Wells Garden Club for Town donation; Wells Historical Society for Town donation and resident Neil Higgins. Another letter received from Pricilla McBride regarding Verizon’s interest in modifying its tower on Ranger Road and AT&T’s interest to construct a tower on the same lot. AT&T is currently doing survey work and in discussion with the APA. She wanted to make sure Supervisor Mauro was aware of this and will forward via email any updates.


The Board reviewed the WVAC report for July 2020.


The Board reviewed the Building Code Enforcement Officer’s report for July 2020.


The Board reviewed the Water Department Report for July 2020.

George Paige reported work is complete at the Garth Weiss residence. Also, cleaning being done at the Hydro Plant.


The Board reviewed the Highway Superintendent’s Report for July 2020.


Councilperson Saltis thanked the Virginia Hosley Library for their donation to the Summer Rec program. Also asked if the Town was still on water restrictions, yes.

Councilperson Lauria, Buildings and Grounds Committee reported he has researched what grants there may be regarding ways to reduce electric costs. It appears all related grants are dried up, He asked Supervisor Mauro if he knew on a County level if any Town’s or the County are using solar panels. On behalf of Friends of Lake Algonquin, he asked the status of the 16 ft. dock at the boat launch. Supervisor Mauro explained that the contractor interested in removing the flood generated debris from the lake had access to a dock we might be interested in. He did not submit a bid when the first RFP was advertised. Therefore, status is unclear at this point.

Councilperson Crewell has been working with Jen Woodward, Bookkeeper and has a new appreciation of what her job entails.

Supervisor Mauro appreciated Highway Superintendent Earley and his crew for spreading new chips at the playground. Three loads were spread at $130 per load and it has really cleaned up the playground area.


John Higgins brought to the Boards attention confusion regarding the street signs on the Park Rd horseshoe and asked that they be changed clearly marking Park Rd. East and Park Rd. West where they intersect Algonquin Dr. He also suggested that the street sign for Montaigne Dr. be removed as there is no such road.

John Margies commented that there was supposed to be a road called Montaigne Rd. at one time. He also asked if there was a timetable for repairs on Griffin Rd. No, not currently and it is the Counties responsibility.

Supervisor Mauro added, Gilmantown Rd. probably will be completed sometime this fall.

Councilperson Crewell asked about our stance on watering vegetable gardens due to the restrictions. Supervisor Mauro asked everyone to be frugal and water in the evening.

This article is based on minutes provided by Maryellen Stofelano, Town Clerk.

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