Friday, November 8, 2019

Benson has a budget for 2020

Benson TB Nov 6 2019

Benson has a budget for 2020
BENSON--The Benson Town Board met on November 6 to hold a public hearing on its 2020 budget an to pass several resolutions, including a resolution to Override of Tax Levy Limit.
The adopted resolution reads in part, “Upon the adoption of this local law, the Town Board is hereby authorized to override the tax levy limit for the coming fiscal year 2020, if the Board deems it necessary for the Town of Benson to adopt a budget for the fiscal year 2020 which may require a real property tax levy in excess of the “tax levy limit” as defined by General Municipal Law §3-c.”
What follow is a summary of the Final Budget. Numbers in (parentheses) are from last year’s budget.
The 2020 General Fund shows $276,747 ($285,436) in appropriations, less $5,075 in estimated revenue, leaving $271,672 ($258,836) to be raised by taxes.
The 2020 Highway Fund has $185,480 ($150,225) in appropriations, less $44,525 in estimated revenues, leaving $140,955 ($106,300) to be raised by taxes.
Appropriations (General and Highway) total $462,227 ($435,661), less revenues totaling $49,600 ($50,525 and $20,000 in unexpended revenues), leaving the total amount to be raised by taxes for the 2020 General and Highway Fund at $412,627 ($365,136).
The 2020 budget exceed the cap on the levy by $33,368, thus the need for the override.
The board passed the following resolution, “WHEREAS, Code Enforcement Officer Michael Stewart has retired from the Town of Mayfield, and WHEREAS, Mr. Stewart will be taking retirement from the NYSLRS (retirement system), and WHEREAS, in order to comply with applicable laws, Mr. Stewart needed to be fully retired for 1 (one) day, that day being September 18, 2019, and WHEREAS, Mr. Stewart needs to be reappointed as the Town of Benson Code Enforcement Officer, now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the Town Board of Benson reappoints Michael Stewart as the Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Benson, effective September 19, 2019.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes provided by Benson Town Clerk Jeanne Cox.

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