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Lake Pleasant Highway Dept. reports on Halloween storm

LPTB Nov 4 2019

Lake Pleasant Highway Dept. reports on Halloween storm
LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on November 4, Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway thanked his entire crew for their response to the Halloween storm. He said he called them at 9, 10 and at 11 p.m. and they all reported to work. They worked all through the night and weekend. Lavarnway also mention that Supervisor Wilt was out also. Cris Rhodes kept his gravel pit open. Councilperson Meixner brought lunch to the crew on Friday. Lots of goodies were brought in by Town’s people wanted to say thank you. The crew’s main job was to open the roads first. There was a report of lots of trees down on Oxbow Road, Tamarack, and Fawn Lake etc. Perkins Clearing is closed. It is as bad shape as in the spring. Upset hunters who couldn’t get to their hunting camps were not happy. Superintendent Lavarnway had to contact the Sheriff’s because of some problems he was having. One vehicle that was not supposed to be in Perkins Clearing had to be towed out with an excavator. This road will be closed for a very long time. Hamilton Lake Road is open, South Shore Road has one lane open, and Lake Pleasant section of Gilmantown Road is open. Page St. is missing about 1,000 feet of road. The stone that was stocked piled behind the Highway Dept. is gone all used up. Lavarnway reported he has numerous warning cones in the back of his truck from people running them over. The caution cones that are put out to alert that there are road closures or areas that have been washed out and there could be a road that is undermined. Please stay away from these areas.
Lavarnway asked the Board about the sanding of driveways he is getting requests already. The Board will readdress this at the next meeting. If done sanding would be during ice storms the present resolution expired May 1, 2019. Lavarnway reported that there have been offers for the two town trucks on Auction International, Tandem truck 215 sold for $18,100 and truck 212 sold for $17,000 total of $35,100. This money will go toward a new truck a strong consideration would be a 2019 GMC 3500 he is also looking at a larger truck 5500 he will get quotes and get back to the Board.
The board passed a resolution accepting the offers made for 215 - $18,100 and for 212 - $17,000, totaling $35,100.
The board then authorized superintendent Lavarnway to purchase a stainless-steel sander that can be used on the pickup trucks.
Snowmobilers have been calling Lavarnway to find out about the conditions of the snowmobile trails and bridges. He said he won’t know until the middle of December.
Lavarnway informed the board about an incentive program fully funded by the State for state road call outs that would give $500 bonus for 10 call outs and $750 for 30 call outs $750 - no taxes taken out. If the road guys don’t answer phones 3 times, they lose it all.
By resolution, the board approved opting into the state road call out program.
Lavarnway reported that all sub-pumps and generators were up and running during the power outage.
The board passed a resolution to accept the Procurement Policy that was presented by Councilperson Cristine Meixner, with a thank you to Cristine for her work.
ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Wilt Councilperson: Cristine Meixner,
Councilperson Nancy Seifts asked why a generator was not installed at the cell tower on Oak Mt.
Cell service came to an end once the batteries died on the cell tower due to the power outage. It was stated that the proper paperwork was filed for a permit to put a generator at the Tower by American Tower Corp. but there was no follow up.
The board passed a resolution approving the employee’s insurance to stay the same as last years with a 4.9% increase and will have a Health Savings Account in conjunction with such plan to implement both starting Jan. 1, 2020.
The resolution authorizes Town Clerk/Health Insurance coordinator Deborah O’Rourke to sign two health insurance contracts with Upstate Agency for health insurance for the working group for 2020. The contract is for MVP EPO GOLD HDHP. The retiree’s insurance will stay at MEDICARE GOLDANYWHERE PPO.
Jim Swanson gave a shout out to Superintendent Lavarnway and crew, Supervisor Wilt and Mayor Barrett for all their help during the Halloween night storm.
Gary Rhinehart seemed confused about the emergency shelter at the Lake Pleasant School.
Supervisor Wilt said once a state of emergency is declared the shelter at the School can be opened within 10 minutes if someone needs the shelter. The Sheriff’s Dept. was doing health and welfare checks during the storm.
Hamilton County Soil & Water Manager Caitlin Stewart informed the Board that the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service released funding today for emergency watershed protection. The program requires 25% match, from the Town or private landowners.
Collie Smith wanted to know when there is a State of Emergency called, who should be contacted if some needs the school opened for shelter. Supervisor Wilt said he or the Sheriff’s Office.
William Paestella thanked the Highway Dept. Supervisor and Councilperson Meixner for all that they did during the Halloween storm. Paestella also stated he does not feel that the Town should be sanding private driveways during an ice storm because it puts the Town to possible liability.
Supervisor Wilt agrees saying there are private contractors who can perform this service. William Paestella also asked if the Gilmantown Rd. was open Lavarnway said it is to the Town of Wells line.
The board did hold a public hearing on the preliminary budget, but no action was taken.
The board agree to meet on November 12 to further review the preliminary budget for 2020.
Councilperson Cristine Meixner asked Lake Pleasant Library President Karen McComb to thank her board for helping trim the 2020 Budget.

Note: This report is based on the minutes of Deborah O'Rourke, Town Clerk

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