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Lake Pleasant votes to go LED lights

LPTB December 26 2019

Lake Pleasant votes to go LED lights
LAKE PLEASANT—At a Regular Meeting of the Lake Pleasant Town Board on December 16, 2019, the board passed the following resolution.
RESOLUTION #91 To Enter into a contract with Potentia Management Group LLC. to replace all lights fixtures in the Municipal Center with Led Linear Replacement Lamps.
“RESOLVED, that the Town will enter into a contract with an Independent contractor Potential Management Group. LLC with National Grid to replace all light fixtures in the Municipal Center with LED linear replacement lamps. Monies from 2019 fund balance will be used help defray cost.”
ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Wilt, Councilperson: Nancy Seifts, Cristine Meixner, Robert Peck, Mike O’Connor. Nays: None.
Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported that during the last snowstorm pickup truck 225 went off the road just damage to the truck not the driver. No cell service in the area of the accident and radios were not up to privacy code. Someone passing by helped the driver. He has filed the paperwork with the Insurance Company.
The snowmobile trail in the Village going to Mountain Market must be rerouted due to a property owner redrawing permission to cross over their property. The new trail, thanks to Superintendent Lavarnway and the President of DRAG spoke to owner Jonathan Lane so the new trail will go along the Liquor Store across to the right of the Storage Units to Mountain Market.
RESOLUTION #90 To add to the Town’s Handbook for all CDL License Holder’s to sign a sheet giving the “Drug And Alcohol Clearinghouse Permission To Be Entered Into A Data Base.”
RESOLVED, that all CDL license holders will sign a sheet giving permission be entered into a Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse data base.
ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Wilt, Councilperson: Nancy Seifts, Cristine Meixner, Robert Peck, Mike O’Connor. Nays: None.
Wilt reported the mean high-water mark has been located on 175 Golf Course Road a letter will be sent out with a 30 day removal of all personal property that has been left by deeded right of way owners will be sent out and a legal notice will be posted. Supervisor Wilt does not feel comfortable sending out letters not knowing all deeded property owners.  Councilperson Peck feels that we should do our best to get all letters out, but a public notice will cover those who’s address we don’t have. Supervisor Wilt and Highway Superintendent Lavarnway need to make the mean high-water mark clearer.
A technician has been contacted due to a zone valve heating problem in the Primary Care Center he should be coming up this week.
Lavarnway wanted to remind everyone with the snow coming to follow rules and regulations for parking and that there is no plowing across highways.
Councilperson Nancy Seifts reported that Samantha Desrochers Rec. Director said that the hockey games have been a great success. Ski lessons have started, and all rentals are set.
A get-well card was sent to Historian Anne Weaver.
Joy Eliezer wants to know why she can’t pay her Town & County taxes online. Tax Collector Deborah O’Rourke said the Town is not set up for that at this time. Neil McGovern says it a Black Day in Speculator because there will be no more newspapers delivered to Charlie Johns Store. The vendor is responsible for this not Jonathan Lane.
Speculator Mayor Barrett wanted to confirm with Lavarnway the new location of the Village Snowmobile trail. Mayor Barrett informed the Board that the Village building has replaced their units for LED going from 4 units to 2 units and there is lighter.
More discussion on the small Verizon Cell towers that need to be set on Municipal property maybe Airdville Cemetery would be another location. Supervisor Wilt will forward the letter on this information. The MOU with Verizon is being reviewed with the County and Village.
Supervisor Wilt handed out plaques made out to Councilperson Mike O’Connor and Councilperson Robert Peck thanking them for all their years of service

This story is based upon the minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk

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