Friday, January 24, 2020

Text version of LPTB gets organized

Lake Pleasant Town Board gets organized

LAKE PLEASANT—The Lake Pleasant Town Board held its Organizational Meeting and regular town board meeting on January 6, 2020.
RESOLUTION #3 That Deputy Supervisor Neil McGovern was named as the Voting Delegate at the Annual Business Session of the Association of Towns of the State of New York being held on February 16 to 19, 2020.
RESOLUTION #4 2020 Town Appointments - Deputy Supervisor-Neil McGovern; Budget Officer-Betsy Bain; Attorney for Town-Young & Sommer; Historian-Annie Weaver; Official Bank-NBT; Health Insurance Rep.-Deborah O’Rourke; Justice Court Clerk-Deborah O’Rourke; Deputy Court Clerk-Faith Cleveland; Deputy Clerk-Faith Cleveland; Animal Control Officer- Mike Peck; Deputy Animal Control Officer-Laura Peck; Registrar of Vital Statistics & Handicap Permit Issuer-Deborah O’Rourke; Purchasing Agent-Betsy Bain; Youth Recreation Director-Samantha Desrochers; Park & Recreation Foreman- Randolph Lavarnway; Refuse & Recyclable Foreman-Randolph Lavarnway; Zoning Officer Code Enforcement Officer-Robert Benkovich; Official Newspaper-Hamilton County Express.
Offered by Nancy Seifts 2nd by Cristine Meixner Adopted by the following vote: 
RESOLUTION #5 Authorizations for Superintendent of Highways to make purchases of tools etc. at a cost not to exceed $2,999 and to buy oil, tires, salt at state contract pricing.
RESOLUTION #6 Set mileage for town employees @ .58 for reimbursement.
RESOLUTION#7 Town of Lake Pleasant to adopt the Holiday schedule as established by Hamilton County on file.
RESOLUTION# 8 That a regularly scheduled Town Board meetings will be held at the Lake Pleasant Public Library, 2864 State Hwy. 8, Speculator NY at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of each month, or as otherwise published and/or posted. There will not be a meeting on a Monday Holiday.
RESOLUTION # 9 Salaries of elected officials and appointed personnel are set forth as established in the 2020 Town Budget.
Nancy Welch 01/01/2020-12/31/2023.
RESOLUTION #11 Town Clerk/Tax Collectors office hours will be 9 A.M.-4 P.M. Monday-Friday
Lavarnway reported that all trucks are doing well the new truck that has been order has been pushed out for delivery to January 15. The backhoe is being repaired by an outside contractor. The contractor should be done soon he is waiting on a new pin. No snowmobile trails have been groomed yet, waiting on snow. The crew are cutting trees along the roads.
The zone valve has been changed for the heating system in the Primary Care.
Supervisor Betsy Bain and Highway Superintendent Lavarnway were scheduled to mark the highwater mark at 175 Golf Course Rd but due to bad weather, they need to reschedule.
Bain said that the County and the Village are waiting on hearing from the Town on the MOU regarding Verizon putting up small cell towers on municipal property. Former Supervisor Wilt felt why spend the money if the Village Attorney and the County Attorney were reviewing it. Bain has an appointment with the County this week on this matter. Supervisor Bain also let the Board know that the contract was signed for the replacement of the LED light fixtures and sent to Potentia Management Group so the work can be started.
Karen McComb, President of the Board of Library Trustees wanted the public to know that there is an opening on the Trustees Board, if anyone is interested please contact one of the trustees with a letter of interest. Karen informed the Board that the library is working on becoming a federal depository library. Councilperson McGovern asked if there was a letter done to thank Frank Mezzano for all his years as Trustee, Karen said at their meeting tomorrow they will be addressing Frank’s service and a thank you.
The Board approved Supervisor Bain to sign the 2020 with James Brennan Human Society with a couple of changes the cost of this is $500 per year.
The paperwork has been filled out by Superintendent Lavarnway and Supervisor Bain for the reimbursement from FEMA for the town infrastructure repairs that are needed after the October storm.
Supervisor Bain has been given the computer used by former Supervisor Wilt. Her new email is and her cell phone is on order her number will 518-571-1086
Gary Rhinehart from Dackland Radio questioned the board on how he is supposed to archive the Town recordings. There seems to be a question brought up by the Village Mayor about the time limit for archiving. The board said what he is doing is fine.
William Paestella questioned Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway if there had been a change in the plowing of Rt. 30. Lavarnway said in the past two years a new foreman in Wells feels it is safer for his trucks to turn around in the upper North parking lot, we turnaround in the South parking lot.
Councilperson Seifts asked Peter Newell who has completed setting up new emails for all Board members about a warning sign she had gotten when she went into Towpath to check her email he said to disregard.
Councilperson Meixner hoped that the new Board will address the septic inspections idea that Zoning/Code Officer Robert Benkovich suggested in the past.
Councilperson McGovern is familiar with the Town of Inlet procedure and he feels very strong about the inspections. Councilperson Meixner reported that DOT does not have Rt. 8 & 30 on its projects lists for 2020, Supervisor Bain said both will be addressed.
Councilperson McGovern would like to see Speculator Arietta Regional Council (SPARC) supported again. This was started years ago, and he would hope to get it up and running again.
Supervisor Bain wanted to let everyone know that former Supervisor Wilt has been great in helping make the transition a smooth one.
Highway Superintendent asked the board if they want him to start drawing up the contracts with the local snowmobile clubs for grooming. He normally would have started doing this but has not received the vouchers parks and recs on how much the Town will be receiving. The board suggested he go ahead a get the contracts started. Supervisor Bain told Superintendent Lavarnway if he needed help, she would be available.

This story is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk

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