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Stewarts looking to move

ILTB Jan 13 2020

Stewarts looking to move
INDIAN LAKE—At the January 13 meeting of the Indian Lake Town Board, Indian Lake Supervisor Brain Wells said Stewarts will be moving ahead with purchasing the corner lot in Town. He stated this will also involve the Town's Chamber building property. Supervisor Wells told all that he will be abstaining from any involvement in this. He told all that where the existing Stewarts is, belonged to his grandparents. He stated he now owns the property. He told all that Stewart s, being a good neighbor, had moved their fence line back closer to the building as to allow his grandfather to continue plowing. Therefore, the Town's Lawyer suggested he step back from this. He told all that Meade Hutchins, Deputy Supervisor, had been handling the negotiations. He did say that he appreciates what Stewarts is doing for the Town of Indian Lake.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that part of the process is, the Town needs to get an appraisal on the Town property that the Chamber sits on. He reported that the Towns Lawyer had received three (3) Proposals from appraisal company' s and asked the Board to look over them. He also told all that Stewarts would be picking up the cost of the appraisal.
Councilman Rathbun made a motion to accept the three (3) proposals received for review. Seconded by Councilwoman Stanton.
Supervisor Wells reported that the Town had been awarded $900,000 for the Blue Mt. Lake Water project grant. He stated there was a concern in the award letter stating that if the Town accepted this grant, we would also be confirming our intent to proceed without drinking water state revolving fund money. He stated he had met with Cedarwood on the 7th and they called EFC and he stated that we can sign off on it in order to meet the deadline and then we would have to do a different grant process for further monies. He suggested the Board sign the letter of intent on the EFC funding and we could move forward. Supervisor Wells stated there were still some concerns. There were questions on the dates of the letter. Supervisor Wells will be checking into this.
Supervisor Wells gave an update of the tree cutting lawsuit. He told all that the Judge ruled that it is worthy enough to go to the appeals court. He stated that a rough timeline on this would be around September, therefore we will be losing another building season.
Supervisor Wells stated he had written a letter of support for the Adirondack Experience. He told all they are looking for funding from the North East Heritage Economy Program to preserve the log hotel. Supervisor Wells also reported that the Town had received funding for a new Web site development. He asked Councilman Mahoney if he would work on this. He told Councilman Mahoney that we have been currently working with trampoline and to come in and Supervisor Wells would give him the information. He also stated that the Town of Newcomb had received funding as well for a new historical museum and center. He stated they would like to work with the Adirondack Experience. He stated that they had received 1.1 million. He stated that he would be meeting with Mr. Kahn, Director of the Adirondack Experience and Robin Deloria, Newcomb's Town Supervisor, and would be working jointly with them on this project.
Supervisor Wells told the Board Members that he had put in their boxes a schedule of his meetings in case any of them needed to get ahold of him.
Supervisor Wells stated there would be a FEMA meeting in Lake Pleasant and he told all Pam Howard and himself would be going. He told all that FEMA had stated there would be no funding available for individuals, however, a lot of people are fighting this, so he is hoping to find out more information at this meeting. This will be held on the Lake Pleasant Fire Hall at 10:30 a.m. Jamie Roblee, Highway Superintendent, stated that he would also be attending the meeting.
Supervisor Wells stated he had received an article from Bob and Frank McNamara concerning internet. Supervisor Wells stated that he and Councilwoman Stanton had attended a conference call with Chazen and NYS Dept. of State over the Grant work for the Commons. He stated that the call went very well.
Supervisor stated that he updated the NYSEG contact information. He is waiting for their contact information now.
Josselyn Bennett, Activities Coordinator, approached the Board giving her Board Report. She asked the Board for approval to put together a trip to Boston in the spring. The Board thought it was a good idea.
Darrin Harr gave an overview on the Chamber report and on Snocade.
Christine Pouch, Director of Adirondack Lakes Center for The Art s, gave an overview of the Centers contribution to Snocade.
Supervisor Wells introduced Ethan Gaddy from the Chazen Corp., who has been working with Meade Hutchins, Al Pouch and John Hutchins on the Zoning Ordinance Update.
Wells made a motion to open the Public Hearing on the Zoning Ordinance Updates and all approved.
Ethan Gaddy gave an overview of the changes. Ethan reported to all that now that the updates are done, it will be much easier in the future to change a specific part of the Zoning Ordinance.
The public hearing will remain open until the February 10 meeting, so minor corrections could be made.
Wells reported that the Resolution for Donna Husson, thanking her for her years of service, had been presented to her on her last day of work.
Wells reported to all that he had received a request from Gallop Farms. He explained that they are looking to do a Co-op delivery service here. He stated they would be taking orders and would like the Town Hall to be the drop off point. He stated he did not think that was going to work but is hoping that someone else will pick up the ball on this. He stated this would be put on the Town's Web site.
For more information go to
Wells told all he had an AATV (Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages) meeting at the Town Hall on January 10. He told all there was a surprise guest, Assemblyman Dan Stec.
Supervisor Wells stated that he would be meeting with Peter Burns to begin working on the Rafting Contract.
Wells reported that he had checked over the Town Clerk's Account for the year and all was satisfactory.
Councilwoman Curry asked if there was any further information pertaining to the E car stations. Supervisor Wells stated that he and Bill Laprairie, Department Head of Parks and Rec., have been working on this. He stated that he is looking into putting it by the Library. Councilwoman Curry suggested putting it somewhere in Town as people must wait for the car to charge and this could lead to them spending money in Town.
Councilwoman Curry also stated that the Park and Rec. Department do so much more than Parks and Rec. and she feels "Park and Rec." is not the right name for this department. She feels that it is more a building and grounds department. She stated that Bill Laprairie fields calls all the time concerning events, so she feels that the name is misleading to the public. Supervisor Wells questioned if she had investigated any of the other Town's as to what their name was? She stated that the ones who had a Park and Rec Department were activities and events. She asked that this be taken under consideration.
Councilwoman Stanton reported to all that the Snocade pamphlets should be out soon. She also stated she would be attending a Regional Rural Issues Forum on Rural Schools. She stated that she will be seeing how she can assist in education in both adult education and bringing educational opportunities to Indian Lake.
Jamie Roblee, Highway Superintendent, asked if the Board would sign the Section 284 that he had given. The Board stated they could not sign this as there is no listing of the roads, he plans on working on. He will get the list to them by the next meeting.
Supervisor Wells called for an Executive Session at 8:09 p.m. for the purpose of discussing Contractual Obligations. Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton. All in favor. Motion carried.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to reconvene the regular Board Meeting at 8:10 p.m. to finish the discussion on picking the appraiser for the Stewarts project. All in favor. Motion carried.
Councilwoman Stanton made a motion to go with the Empire State Appraisal consultant in the estimated amount of $3,600. It was approved

This article is based upon minutes provided by Julie A. Clawson/Town Clerk

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