Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lake Pleasant CHIPS money delayed

LPTB June 19 2020

Lake Pleasant CHIPS money delayed
LAKE PLEASANT--Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported at the June 19 meeting of the Lake Pleasant Town Board that the CHIPS money the Town receives for roads has been delayed and Lavarnway feels CHIPS money could be less next year.
Paving of sections of Page St. and Old Page Hill Rd. has been delayed because the piece of equipment that the Gorman Group was going to use has broken down on South Shore Rd.
Lavarnway was asked if he was putting in an insurance claim for the siding that was damaged at the Library? Lavarnway feels it is so small, he will ask the contractor if he has a piece of vinyl to replace the damaged one.
The steps at the Library are completed. The highway crew has hauled about 80% of the stone needed to start paving jobs. The crew has started to help the County with paving in Long Lake.
Superintendent Lavarnway and Supervisor Betsy Bain had a virtual tour conference with FEMA on June 9, still problems with getting the work started on Hamilton Lake Rd. Still discussion on the Fish Mt. Rd. bridge at Park Stream.
The Board has agreed to have H2O test the contaminated wells 2X a year in the Spring and again in the Fall. Councilperson Nancy Seifts reported that the Hamilton County Treasurer’s office has completed the first payroll for the Town with her help. The Town offices are working on doing deposits, mailing checks out and getting time sheets to the County for payroll. Nancy has set up spread sheets to make the transition easier. Nancy said there is a learning curve on all sides.
Supervisor Bain and Councilperson Meixner meet to review the 2020 Emergency Operations Plan. They reviewed and updated the supply list and the emergency call list. Still trying to figure out a safe shelter for Trailer park citizens if there was ever a Tornado warning. Primary Care basement was considered but rejected. North Country Bible Church, which is the former elementary school, is being considered. Kevin Braunius has been asked to speak to the Deacon of the Church to see if that could be an option if ever there was a tornado warning.
A resolution to adopt a vacation donation sick time policy was offered by, Neil McGovern 2nd by Cristine Meixner.
“RESOLVED, Vacation Donation Time is to be used by fellow employees who experience medical emergencies, long-term personal illness, illness on the part of an immediate family member living in his or her household, or who are affected by major disasters and have exhausted all paid leave available to them; and would otherwise be subject to a severe loss of income during a continuing absence from work.
“Employees will be eligible to receive leave only after they have submitted a written request for leave that describes the specific medical emergency or medical condition and all other available plaid leave has been exhausted. There is no maximum number of times a donor may make donations to an eligible recipient. Donations must be made in hours without regard to the dollar value of the donated leave.
“Recipient cannot receive compensation through the Town of Lake Pleasant’s Vacation Donation Time Policy and the Town of Lake Pleasant’s Paid Family Leave Policy at the same time. The employee using donated vacation leave credits will not earn biweekly leave accruals or observe holidays nor do they receive personal leave or vacation bonus days if their anniversary dates fall while they are using donated leave credits. While using donated vacation leave credits, an employee will continue to have health insurance premiums; retirement contributions and other payroll deductions withheld from their paycheck provided the paycheck is of an amount sufficient to cover these deductions. Anyone who wants to donate their vacation time should contact their department head. The policy is not intended to provide supplemental income which would result in compensation levels exceeding normal wages for employees who have other sources of substitute income such as that provided by disability insurance programs.”
“ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilperson: Neil McGovern, Nancy Seifts, Don Braunius, Cristine Meixner. Nays: None.
Councilperson McGovern has not connected with Mike Camoin about the ring of fire that would be part of the July 4th celebration, further discussion.
The Town was asked to adopt 2 resolutions from the Adirondack Local Government Review Board.
A Resolution requesting review and change of APA policy on agency review of proposals for new telecommunications towers and other tall structures in the Adirondack Park was offered by Neil McGovern 2nd by Don Braunius and adopted by all.
A resolution recommending actions to strengthen the clean drained and dry aquatic invasive species (ais) spread prevention law was offered by Cristine Meixner 2nd by Neil McGovern and adopted by all.
Nancy Seifts and Don Braunius met and after much discussion, recommended to the Board not to have summer recreation this year because of COVID-19. Maybe there could be trips organized later in the summer if the numbers for the Coronavirus go down. Someone from the committee will inform the Rec. Director Sammy Desrochers.
Councilperson Don Braunius said he is getting more requests for garden plots at the community garden. There is a volunteer who is willing to replace Don in the future. He asked about the benches that are put out all over the community if they are being put out this year? He was told they were not going to be put out in the Village at this time. Would it be possible to put the few around the Town? Lavarnway will investigate this because no-one knows where the 3 benches are stored and if they can get to them. The benches would go one at Airdville Cemetery, one at the Court House and one by the Library.
Councilperson McGovern would like to see the fireworks go on this year. It is still undecided. McGovern also reported that there was a great Community turnout for a drive by birthday celebration for Ed Winchell’s 80th.
Supervisor Bain said she has contacted BST Company (audit company) about when they would be starting the 2019 fiscal audit? The Town had to put off the audit because there was no-one in the Acct. Clerk’s Office to provide reports to the Company.
Superintendent Lavarnway said that the new mechanic Donald Pinkerton 111 that was hired to replace Malcolm Cooke will start this Wednesday.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Indian Lake Community Farmers Market Season Opens

Indian Lake Community Farmers Market Season Opens

Indian Lake--Beginning July 4, the Indian Lake Community Farmers Market (ILCFM) will be open every Saturday, from 10 AM to 2 PM, through September 26, on the Indian Central School lawn, Route 28.
The Market Steering Committee's goals are to provide fresh, healthy, and affordable food to residents and visitors, provide a venue for local farmers and vendors to sell their products and to assist the Town of Indian Lake in revitalizing the Main Street.
Featured weekly will be locally-grown vegetables and fruits, maple syrup products, baked goods, plants, cut flowers, meats, dairy, poultry, preserves, honey and much more.  "The market is a great opportunity to bring fresh, affordable and healthy food to our community,” said committee chairs, Brenda Valentine and Taff Fitterer.
2020 market vendors include:
Hope Valley Farm - Vegetables, herbs, garlic scapes, pesto, annual and perennial plants
Blackberry Hill Farm and Sanctuary - Organically grown vegetables and herbs, organically raised chickens and turkeys and eggs, non-gmo heritage breed pork
Dawn's Delights - Home Baked Goods - pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, crumb cakes, loaf breads, cheesecakes, fresh salsa, and authentic Italian pasta sauce
Homemade Quits and Crafts - Jams, jellies, candy, maple syrup products and quilts
Individuals interested in volunteering to serve on the Indian Lake Farmers Market Steering Committee, become a market vendor or for more information, contact the Committee at 518-648-5636 or adkcamp1@frontier.com

Friday, June 26, 2020

Wells school superintendent on school opening task force

WCS BOE June 17 2020

Wells school superintendent on school opening task force
WELLS—When the Wells Central School Board of Education met on June 17, Superintendent Thomas D. Sincavage reported he was selected to be a member of the NYSED Task Force which is discussing the reopening of schools with the new regulations and guidelines in place.
Sincavage went on to say work continues on the Capital Project and it is roughly 80% complete. The third phase of asbestos abatement was approved. Mr. Sincavage went over the contingency budget balance. The Board discussed different options for use of any potential remaining funds.
Sincavage reviewed the enrollment report which remains at 145. He did note that we have a class of 20 graduating seniors and are projecting to add seven students in the fall. Sincavage reviewed the Fund Balance Report. The district remains in a healthy financial position and with the current Capital reserve fund the district plans to pay off the current Capital project in full.
 The last item is the NYSED Regional Task Force. Sincavage was selected to be a member of the task force which is discussing the reopening of schools with the new regulations and guidelines in place.
Jeremy J. Siddon, Building Principal, gave the Athletic Director’s Report. The athletic awards were hosted virtually this year. Fall sports sign ups are currently being done online.
The Wells Central School Board of Education accepted the results of voting on June 16, 2020 as follows: The 2020/2021 Budget Resolution: 197 yes votes and 68 no votes Board Member Election: Rachel Lauria received 255 votes.
The motion was made by William Stuart and seconded by Kenneth Hoffman and carried 5-0.
The Wells Central School Board of Education approved the District Wide School Safety Plan, as presented on a motion made by William Stuart, seconded by Rachel Lauria, and carried 5-0.
The Wells Central School Board of Education approved the contract between the Wells Central School District and Girvin & Ferlazzo P.C. as presented on a motion made by Rachel Lauria, seconded by William Stuart, and carried 5-0.
The Wells Central School Board of Education recessed to Executive Session at 6:36 p.m. for the purpose of discussing specific personnel matters and/or negotiations on a motion made by Dorman Reese, seconded by William Stuart, and carried 5-0.
The Wells Central School Board of Education returned to Open Session at 8:31 p.m. on a motion made by Kenneth Hoffman, seconded by Rachel Lauria and carried 5-0.
The Wells Central School Board of Education accepted the resignation of Kathryn Wilt as Teacher’s Assistant effective June 30, 2020 on a motion made by Dorman Reese, seconded by William Stuart, and carried 5-0.
The Wells Central School Board of Education approved the agreement for summer school services between Lake Pleasant School and Wells Central School District as presented on a motion made by Kenneth Hoffman, seconded by William Stuart, and carried 5-0.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Rachelle Dwyer, District Clerk.

Old Speculator ladder truck up for sale

Speculator VB June 8 2020

Old Speculator ladder truck up for sale.
SPECULATOR— At the June 8 meeting of the Speculator Village Board of Trustees, it was reported that to help offset the cost of the New Quint Ladder Truck for the Speculator Volunteer Fire Department, the SVFD is looking to designate the old ladder truck as surplus and sell the truck. The truck cannot be used for fire service and any sale must stipulate that fact. After discussion with Mr. Marshall, there are parts on the truck that can be salvaged for use on other trucks. The tires are in good condition and will be used for the rescue truck to eliminate the cost of having to purchase new tires. The SVFD is looking at a minimum bid of $3,500 and are targeting collectors with a possibility of two (2) with current interests. They plan to advertise in the Hamilton County Express, Facebook, and collector websites.
Trustee Donecker made a motion to designate the old ladder truck surplus, sell it for no less than $3,500 with the proceeds designated to go to the purchase of the Quint Ladder Truck. Trustee McComb seconded and the motion passed by the following vote: ayes – Barrett, Crary, Donecker, McComb, Rudes; nays – none.
Ed Scharpou, WWTP Chief Operator, submitted a written report. Additional commentary was made as follows: In the water department; the annual water quality report was sent out with the last billing cycle, all leaks and concerns with billing have been corrected or attended to, a leak at 105 Ruby Lane was found and is being repaired by an independent contractor at the expense of the homeowner, the radiator at the well building has been replaced, pump #2 was not shutting off when the tank was full so the pump was shut off for a few days and now seems to be functioning properly, lastly a new water service is being installed at the house next to the Lake Pleasant Lodge.
In the Sewer department; new SPDES reporting requirements are being met, Pumpstation #4 charcoal filter has been installed to reduce odors, operators continue operation outside the plant while waiting for the replacement of diffusers, Contract #1 has been extended into July, Contract #2 should be going out to bid in July or August, during the next month there will be discussion on Contracts 2 and 3 and the budget timeline, and after discussion with Mr. Scharpou, Trustee Donecker and Mayor Barrett, it was determined that the Village should have the funds in water and sewer to cover any shortfall we may see in the water and sewer departments resulting from COVID restrictions.
Crystal O’Brien gave a verbal Clerk-Treasurer Report.
2020 Village taxes have been sent out, the collection software was installed at the end of May, and we have been receiving payments.
The month of May has been reconciled and closed and Financial Report #10 is ready to review. Mrs. O’Brien started working with Ted from Williamson Law Books Monday on closing the 2019-20 year and the closing should be completed by the end of week.
Sadly, Mrs. Farina has given her two-week notice. She was offered a full-time job. Mrs. Craven has offered to resume her part time duties as business manager while a replacement is found.
COVID-19 update included the Governor is now allowing outdoor graduation ceremonies up to 150 people, but this does not extend to other types of outdoor gatherings. Mayor Barrett has received a draft of guidance for the Fourth of July fireworks from the Hamilton County Public Health Department. The Village’s current plan conforms with these guidelines except there cannot be any “drive-in” style parking unless there can be a way to enforce social distancing and spacing of parked vehicles.
Chief O’Brien was asked to join the meeting to give his opinion on the fire department being able to park vehicles in the ball field. Chief O’Brien did not feel that he would be able to get the manpower to properly monitor the parking of vehicles and felt it would put the fire fighters in a difficult situation. The Board decided to adjourn making a final decision on the fireworks until next meeting which is two weeks before the planned fireworks.
Halloween Storm - FEMA site inspections are being done virtually and are ongoing, Mr. Croote from Hamilton County Soil and Water department, Mayor Barrett and Mr. Blanchard are evaluating the beach and point Tuesday June 9, 2020.
No new updates on the Verizon Small Cells or the Makomis Fire Tower currently.
Some of the information provided by NYPA for the LED Street lights needed to be corrected, so in the interim Mayor Barrett is looking into alternative funding sources and following up with other municipalities that have installed LED Street lights to provide all relative information to help with discussion in the next meeting.
Trustee Crary thanked Mrs. Farina for all her work with the Village.
Mayor Barrett advised the Board that the inspection of the Quint Ladder Truck is scheduled for July 8. The completion of the truck is ahead of schedule. The grant request has been submitted and hopefully there will be no delays in receiving the funds, but if the grant monies are not received prior to the completion of the truck, the Village will not be receiving the truck until the funds clear the bank account. Chief O’Brien and Mr. Marshall will be going to Ohio for the inspection, all travel expenses are covered by the grant.
Mayor Barrett advised the Board that the 48th fly-in was a great success. There were ten participants traveling form as far as North Carolina. All ten participants enjoyed their experience and look forward to attending again next year on the first weekend in June 2021.
Rebecca Smith thanked the Board for having no increase in the taxes this year.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Crystal O’Brien, Village Clerk – Treasurer.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Long Lake Central Board of Education holds June 11 meeting

LLCS BOE June 11 2020

Long Lake Central Board of Education holds June 11 meeting
LONG LAKE--Noelle Short, Principal/Superintendent, reported to the Long Lake Central School Board of Education at its June 11 meeting that the last day of school was Monday, June 15, 2020. She said there will be a virtual end of the year celebration at 11 a.m. Teachers, students and staff have done an excellent job throughout this period, she said.
Grades are being entered and reports cards will be sent out next week.
On Friday, June 12, 2020 there was a virtual Pre-Kindergarten moving up ceremony and Kindergarten graduation. The recording for senior graduation will also happen this day. Student textbooks, supplies, and Chromebooks will be picked up next week.
Short is working on an online summer school program.
The budget vote, board of education election and proposition ballots will be counted on June 16 after 5 p.m. The last day to submit ballots in person was June 9 but mailed ballots were accepted until June 16 5 p.m.
The State is expected to issue guidance in June on reopening in September.
Approved: On Motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, to table the Results of the June 9, 2020 Vote.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Michael Farrell, with all in favor, the Non-Resident Student Tuition Rates for 2020-2021 school year.
Approved: On Motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, the Medical Contract with Dr. Russell Rider for the 2020-2021 school year.
Approved: On Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Joan Paula, with all in favor, Sean O’Shell as Class of 2023 (9th Grade) Class Advisor for March 2020 through June 2020.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, Policy #3221 Social Service Dogs.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Brian Penrose, with all in favor, Policy #5676 Privacy and Security for Student Data and Teacher and Principal Data.
Approved: On Motion by Joan Paula, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, Policy #7512 Student Physicals and #7530 Child Abuse and Maltreatment.
Approved: On Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Brian Penrose, with all in favor, the Resignation of Kelsie Adams as Secretary to the Superintendent effective August 21, 2020.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, to table the Stipend Rates of Pay/Appointments for the 2020-2021 school year.
Recognized: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, Emily Stephan as Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach, Benjamin Conboy as Boys’ Varsity Soccer Coach and Ray Hoag as Girls’ Modified Soccer Coach for the 2020-2021 school year.
Approved: On Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, CSE/CPSE/504 Recommendations for Student #202772, 202204, 202762, 202301, 202201, 202755, 202801, 202799, 202732, 202720, 201907, 202307, 202749, 202776, 202753, 202402, and 202309.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Joan Paula, with all in favor, to Table the Transfer to Bus Purchase Reserve Fund and Employee Benefits and Accrued Liability Reserve Fund.
Approved: On Motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, the Legal Retainer with Girvin & Ferlazzo, P.C. for the 2020-2021 school year.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Michael Farrell, with all in favor, the Shared Maintenance Agreement with Tupper Lake CSD for the 2020-2021 school year.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Joan Paula, with all in favor, Kristin Delehanty as Mentor for Hannah Klossner September 2020 through January 2021.
Approved: On Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Joan Paula, with all in favor, Be It Resolved that the Board of Education of the Long Lake Central School District hereby accepts the recommendation of the Superintendent to appoint Patrick Curtin for a four (4) year probationary appointment as a teacher of 7-12 Mathematics in the mathematics tenure area, commencing September 1, 2020 and ending August 31, 2024 contingent upon achievement of effective or highly effective APPR ratings necessary to receive tenure throughout his probationary period, consistent with the requirements of Education Law Sections 30122, 3012-c, and/or 3012-d pending certification by September 1, 2020.
Approved: On Motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, to Continue Employee Benefits for Patrick Curtin July 2020 through August 2020.
Approved: On Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, Hannah Klossner (2/3) and Victoria Snide (1/3) as Co-Athletic Coordinators for 2020-2021 school year.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Michael Farrell, with all in favor, the Revised Conditions of Employment for Lisa Walker.
Approved: On Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Brian Penrose, with all in favor, to Set Aside the April 8, 2019 Board Approved 2019-2020 School Calendar and Adopt the Revised 2019-2020 School Calendar.
A discussion on what Tax Anticipation Notes were.
Policy 1st Readings: A first reading of Policy #7511 Immunization of Students.
Michael Farrell asked if there were any updates on the Clerk of the Works for the Capital Project, which there are not. He also asked if it was possible to have in- person meetings for the future. Noelle Short will check on the rules.
On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, to enter Executive Session at 7:15 p.m. to discuss the employment history of three persons.
Approved: On Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, to come out of Executive Session at 8:22 p.m.
Approved: On Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Brian Penrose, with all in favor, the Revised Conditions of Employment for Victoria Snide.

This article is based upon the minutes of Clerk of the Board, Victoria J. Snide.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Lake Pleasant had smokey flower barrels

LPTB June 10 2020

Lake Pleasant had smokey flower barrels
LAKE PLEASANT—At the June 10 meeting of the Lake Pleasant Town Board, Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported that two weeks ago someone called him about smoke coming from one of the flower barrels. Lavarnway was in Perkins Clearing with no cell service. He did not get the message until he was back in the village. Someone had moved the flower barrel away from the building. He contacted the Sheriff’s Office and the Speculator Fire Dept. After looking into the barrel, they noticed that plastic containers were used in the bottom of the planters which had hazardous material left in them. So maybe a cigarette put out in the barrel caused the fire. There was some melting to the siding as a result.
A question was asked if there are any outside camera’s around the Library. The answer was no.
The board then passed a resolution authorizing Lavarnway to order outside cameras for the Library.
The new deck/stairs are coming along at the Library. The Trex has been ordered. They do not have a non-slip product. If needed, there is a non- slip spray that can be used.
Lavarnway told the Board that FEMA is now requiring proof of ownership for each damaged road and culvert before it will do a virtual tour of the damage caused by the Halloween Storm. FEMA’s needs coordinates which Lavarnway has provided by Google Earth maps but they do not match. Lavarnway needs to purchase a more accurate GPS equipment so he can provide FEMA with the coordinates they are requesting, and he feels he be reimbursed 75% of the cost by FEMA. Asked what other Towns are doing Lavarnway told the Board that the Town of Arietta is hiring someone to do their work and the County has Lenny Croote from Soil and Water doing their work.
Culvert and bridge work are going to be the biggest and most expensive project for the Highway Dept. The large culvert on Fish Mt. Road is in area called Park Stream. The option of putting in a 20 ft. culvert would be a huge undertaking to replace the present 10 ft. culvert. The Highway crew will be building a bridge instead. The cost will be around $300,000 of which $30,000 will be for engineering costs. Highway Superintendent Lavarnway said that FEMA will be paying 75% of all projects that result from the Halloween Storm. Tracy Eldridge, Hamilton County Superintendent of Highway’s, suggested a 16 ft. bridge. The crew has completed repairs to Perkins Clearing Road. The Crew will start prep work on 2,100 ft of Page St. and 400 ft. on Old Page Hill Rd. Wednesday then pave by June 4th.
The board approved the hiring of Donald Pinkerton III as mechanic, starting at $18 per hour.
He will be starting in 2 weeks.
Councilperson Nancy Seifts was contacted by Rec. Director Sammy Desrochers saying she is in contact with KC Morrison to order signs for the Town’s Graduates.
Councilperson Neil McGovern has been in touch with Mike Camoin about Ring of Fire, which is done on the Great Sacandaga Lake, It would be part of the July 4th Celebration. People who live around the Lake would all make a campfire and maybe a drone could fly over and take pictures. He would like to see the word get out. There will be a July 4th parade along Downey Ave. and Fireworks at the Point.
Supervisor Bain reported that the BTI program has been completed. This was Mark Crary’s last year, so the Town is looking for two BTI applicators for next year.
The Town Board accepted the Lake Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department’s annual Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP).
The board approved entering a contract with the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office to take over the town’s payroll and bookkeeping reports for 2020 at a cost of $7,875 for June-December.
The County has asked former Principal Acct. Clerk Nancy Seifts to help with the transaction. Dave McComb informed the Town that there has been some vandalism again at the Pathway.
Every year it seems that the signs are damaged. He does have a student who will be volunteering this summer to help with the Pathway.
The Community Gardens now have a new leader, Don Braunius has volunteered to help with equipment and keep the water on. Former gardener Mrs. Crisbacher has retired. Nancy Welch will be working with Don Braunius in the gardens. There are 16 plots, 4 have been planted so far. There are two greenhouses, but no work has been done on them yet this year.
Supervisor Bain explained how the Town Municipal Building will be open during COVID. The middle door will be open, and guidelines are posted for those to read before entering. There will be retesting June 4th at the County Tennis Courts.
The board passed a resolution to hire H2O to test the 6 contaminated wells and the town’s not to exceed $250.
The board passed a resolution to approve the repair of the former R/O system not to exceed $1,000 and return the R/O system back as a backup.
After a conversation with one of the neighbors with a contaminated well, he wants his original R/O system repaired and returned. He feels the one that is in his house is not efficient. Bill Dievendorf from H2O will have a quote for us by the next meeting.
Councilperson Cristine Meixner asked why the Schools are not doing signs for the Graduates. She was informed that they are supplying them to the Graduates for their driveways. She does not feel the Town should be spending the money, Councilperson McGovern said it is only for this year. The Youth Rec. Director is purchasing signs for the Graduates to be placed at the four corner’s Dean Lane Park.
Court Clerk O’Rourke informed the Board that the Lake Pleasant Court is one of the first to hold an arraignment through Skype. Town Clerk reported that DEC sent a letter stating the Town would no longer be able to issue fishing and hunting licenses, because of the amount of small quantity of sales. O’Rourke sent a letter to them stating the importance of the licensing and they have reconsidered.
Councilperson Braunius would like to see County and Town leaders send letters out to get the State Campsites open. There is lot of cleaning up before they open so it needs to happen soon.

This article is based on minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Indian Lake confronts garbage problems

ILTB June 8 2020

Indian Lake confronts garbage problems
INDIAN LAKE—When the Indian Lake Town Board met on June 8, discussion was held on the illegal dumping that residents are doing at the Parks and Rec. garage site. It was decided to start with putting up a sign stating there is NO DUMPING ALLOWED, as well as putting up cameras.
Supervisor Wells let everyone know that the Transfer Station is now open at its regular hours.
Supervisor Wells stated that he had received a letter of complaint from a second home homeowner complaining about the transfer station hours that was very offensive. He stated that there was NO intent from the Board to spite second home homeowners or any homeowner. All Board Members felt this was a very offensive letter, stating that they were trying to be equitable to ALL homeowners, second homeowners as well as full time residence. Supervisor Wells replied to the letter. Councilwoman Curry stated she would respond to the letter as well. She stated we value our second homeowners and the hours were not meant to slight anyone.
Supervisor Wells thanked Kevin King for putting together a schedule allowing two men to get back to work at the Sewer and Water plants.
Councilwoman Stanton asked if the Community Action was fluid now. Supervisor Wells stated that it was. As all Towns have been working together, the demand for food is way down. Discussion held on the flower barrels at the Memorial Site. The CDC (Community Development Committee) have purchased the flowers for the two barrels at the site.
Supervisor Brian Wells thanked Claudia Cunniff for sitting in on a webinar for him. Supervisor Wells thanked Pam Howard, Senior Account Clerk, for all her work, getting all the FEMA paperwork together. He stated she had saved the Town a lot of money doing this paperwork herself.
Supervisor Wells read the Negative Declaration page (SEQR) for the Blue Mt. Lake signage. Supervisor Wells made a motion to approve the Negative Declaration form on the SEQR, for the Blue M t. Lake signage. Seconded by, Councilman Rathbun. All approved.
Supervisor Wells told all that Dr. Erica Mahoney, Director of the Hamilton County Department of Health would be holding another Cleaning and Disinfecting webinar. If anyone would like to attend, call, 518-648-6497.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that the 90-miler annual canoe race has been canceled.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that he had been handing out masks and hand sanitizer to the area businesses that are open.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that the CDC would be sending out another letter concerning the CENSUS. He thanked them for all their work.
Supervisor Wells asked if there had been any nominations for Citizen of the Year. There were no nominations this year. Supervisor Wells stated he would like to do it differently this year and have the Board mark this year's Citizen of the year as “2020 Year of the Volunteers.” He stated there have been so many volunteers during this time and it is so appreciated he feels they all should be acknowledged but due to the numerous volunteers it would be hard to list them all, therefore, mark it as 2020 year of the volunteers. Supervisor Wells made a motion to mark Citizen of the Year as “2020 Year of the Volunteers” and it was Seconded by all.
Supervisor Wells reported that he was working on the Electric Car Station, however, due to printer/scanning problems with his computer it is causing a hold up. He stated that he is working on getting the problem fixed.
Supervisor Wells stated he is working on the policy/procedure to begin opening the Town Hall. Supervisor Wells asked the Board their feelings about the 4th of July fireworks and reopening the Beaches. Due to the complexity of the regulations that need to be in place Supervisor Wells felt it was not feasible to open the Beaches this year. Among numerous regulations, Lifeguards would also need training on how to properly disinfect. The liability for the Town is extremely high and it will be a lot of responsibility for the Lifeguards to adhere to. Social distancing is mandatory and needs to be enforced, the number of people allowed on the Beach would need to be enforced, cleaning needs to be done every hour, testing patrons need to be done before entering the Beach and many more procedures need to be followed. Councilwoman Curry volunteered to meet with Bill Laprairie, Building Grounds and Maintenance Department Head, and Jessie Bruso, swim instructor, to go over all the regulations to see if it would be feasible to open this year.
Discussion was held on the 4th of July fireworks. Supervisor Wells read some of the regulations concerning fireworks. People would have to remain in their cars, no groups standing together, no bands allowed, no parades allowed and no activities. He stated that this would need to be strongly enforced. Councilman Mahoney felt that the residence was responsible and would adhere to the protocols put in place. He also felt that there would not be as much participation this year as he felt people are staying home. Supervisor Wells made a motion to cancel the 4th of July fireworks this year and perhaps have something later in the fall. Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton.
The motion passed.
Motion carried.
Councilman Rathbun offered setting off the canons at a certain time to commemorate 4th of July. Supervisor Wells stated that he thought that would be a good plan. He spoke of the “Taps Around America” that was done on Memorial Day. Councilman Rathbun and Supervisor Wells will meet and come up with a plan and time to set off the canons.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board he had received two requests for building use. He stated to all that at this time, no Town owned Buildings are open at this time. He stated that the Town Board is still doing virtual meetings as well.
Supervisor Wells reported that he has been working with Peter Burns on the rafting program and contract. He stated that he is currently working on the safety plan for the put-in site.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that our Engineering Firm, Cedar Wood, are ready to begin moving forward on the water project in Blue Mt. He stated they would like to hire a subcontractor, Hydro Source, to begin working. He stated that Cedar Wood would be paying this Company themselves, this would come out of the money that Cedar Wood quoted us on. Councilwoman Stanton made a motion to allow Cedar Wood to move forward on the Blue Mt. Lake Water Project allowing the subcontractor. Seconded by, Councilman Rathbun.
The motion was approved.
The Board unanimously agreed to supply disinfectant spray and paper towels for the Board of Elections use on the June 23rd polling sites.
Supervisor Wells stated that he had a request for $500 from the Shakespeare in the Park director. He reported to the Board that it would be done virtually and due to the current Budget constraints, he felt this was an unneeded expense.
Supervisor Wells reported that Moose River Plans is now open.
Discussion was held on allowing Donald Liddle to give out transfer station stickers as well as handling the money and giving receipts to those needing to bring a refrigerator or air conditioner to the transfer site. This would stop the dropping off, of refrigerators while also keeping foot traffic down at the Town Hall building. The Board concurred. Councilwoman Curry suggested someone going over the procedures with Donald.
Other Town Business
Councilwoman Curry gave an update on the Weed District, stating that Lance is working on his proposal to remove bogs. Supervisor Wells stated he had received Lances Certificate of Workman's Comp.
Discussion held on TRP's. (Temporary Revocable Permit) from the State concerning the removal of bogs. Councilwoman Curry asked Darrin Harr about a walk through at Stewarts. Supervisor Wells explained that he had suggested it so the Chamber could get a feel on what they would need once allowed to go in. Councilwoman Curry thanked the CDC for the information they have been handing out. She also thanked Andy Coney and commended the Blue Mt. Lake Newsletter. She stated it was highly informative.
Discussion held on putting in the lights at the Blue Mt. Lake Restrooms. Supervisor Wells made a motion to work in conjunction with the Blue Mt. Lake Association to begin putting the lights in the restroom by the Blue Mt. Lake Fire Department. Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton.
The motion was approved.
Andy Coney spoke to the Board concerning the two races that are held in Blue Mt. Lake annually. He reported to the Board that they are currently working on a safety plan to see if there is a way to hold them this year. He stated they were not going to cancel them until the last minute. Discussion was held. Councilwoman Curry stated that she felt they had a good handle on the situation. Andy assured the Board he would keep them updated.
Councilman Rathbun questioned Trash Day Pick Up. Discussion held. Supervisor Wells asked Jamie Roblee, Highway Superintendent, and Bill Laprairie, Building and Maintenance Department Head to put together a plan.
Councilman Rathbun reported that he had put the ribbons up around the daffodils and would begin digging them up when the time is right. He told all that he would let them know when and he would need some volunteers.
Darrin Harr, Director of the Chamber of Commerce asked the Board when he could open the Chamber. He also questioned putting up signs so people will know that the Chamber is in the Byron Park Building temporarily. Supervisor Wells asked Darrin to put together his safety plan for reopening and get it to him, the Board will decide after going over the plan. Discussion held on signage. This will be worked on.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Town Clerk Julie Clawson.