Monday, September 12, 2016

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why Vampires

Why Vampires?
Why not?
In the world of vampires created by author Peter Klein, vampires are natural creatures of flesh and blood, skin and bone.
The main character in the novels is Mary Hoffman, aka Erica, an erotic dancer who becomes a vampire.
This new world Mary had entered, thanks to Beth, gave her the feeling that she had become what she was meant to be. She never thought she was condemned to being a vampire. It was what God had meant her to be. Born and raised as a Catholic, Mary had not stopped believing there is a god. She quickly came to believe she was among the very few humans who were chosen by God to become a vampire. Why God created vampires was beyond her imagination. Her reaction to the question was to ask, “Why does God create anything? Why did God create Tyrannosaurus rex? Why did God create wolves, lions, tigers, sharks and humans, all of which kill to eat and survive? Who had any right to judge what God creates?” It was all as Beth, the vampire who had created Mary, had explained it to her. Beth had said to her, “There are very few of us. Not everyone can become a vampire. The best I can explain it is that there are a small number of humans who have a gene in them that reacts if a vampire shares their blood with them. A vampire can smell another vampire and a human who has the potential to become a vampire. Only if the vampire decides to share their blood with a human who could become a vampire will that human become a vampire.”
          What Beth had told her made her feel special and honored. But it also made her wonder what her purpose might be.
          To learn more, read the novels: The Dancing Valkyrie, The Vampire Valkyrie, And God Created Vampires, and The Blood Red Pleasure.

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