Monday, March 27, 2017

The Enemy of the Melting Pot

Without  going into great detail, the enemy of the Melting Pot is Multiculturalism.
The United States was never meant to be multicultural.
Melting Pot: (from Wikipedia)
In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the metaphor of a “crucible” or “(s)melting pot” was used to describe the fusion of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. It was used together with concepts of America as an ideal republic and a “city upon a hill” or new promised land. It was a metaphor for the idealized process of immigration and colonization by which different nationalities, cultures and “races” (a term that could encompass nationality, ethnicity and race) were to blend into a new, virtuous community, and it was connected to utopian visions of the emergence of an American “new man”. The exact term “melting pot” came into general usage in 1908, after the premiere of the play The Melting Pot by Israel Zangwill.
Multiculturalism: (also from Wikipedia)
Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures, for practical reasons and/or for the sake of diversity and applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place, usually at the organizational level, e.g. schools, businesses, neighborhoods, cities or nations. In this context, multiculturalists advocate extending equitable status to distinct ethnic and religious groups without promoting any specific ethnic, religious, and/or cultural community values as central.
The Problem
The way I see it, although I am of German ancestry, I am an American. If we want to  play the ancestry game to its insane extreme, we are all Africans. Cultural Heritage? I guess my German Cultural Heritage mean I should drink only beer, eat only hot dogs, hamburgers and sauerkraut, and wear Lederhosen.  Maybe I should become a Nazi, just for good measure!
But all that would be insane. I might like beer, hot dogs, hamburgers and sauerkraut but I also like foods attributed to the Irish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, etc., and I have no intention of becoming a stupid Nazi.
Culture! The only culture I know, or thought I knew, is American - which is a hodgepodge of just about every culture you can think of.
What the melting pot does is make us one. What multiculturalism does is divide us into thought ghettos.
If you look at it from a politicians point of view, multiculturalism is a convenient way to divide and conquer. Any politician or social engineer who promotes multiculturalism wants to stick you in a little hole where it is easy to control you. They don't see you as an individual person. They see you as a pea in a pod they want to cook.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Read the Koran

If you haven't read the Koran, you should give it a try. Try because you will probably give up long before you finish reading it.
The Koran is not a great read. It is very repetitive. It does not tell a story as is done in the Old and New Testaments. Basically, it beats you over the head with  how great and merciful God (Allah) is - provided you submit to Islam.
Over and over, again and again, shots are taken at Christians and Jews.
The joke is that the Koran recognizes Jewish prophets and also recognizes Jesus as a prophet.
But then the law is laid down as this example shows: "Unbelievers are those that say: 'God is the Messiah, the son of Mary.'"
Such writings in the Koran are not isolated.
You want war?
In the Koran it is written - "Believers, why is it that when you are told; March in the cause of God, you linger slothfully in the land." - and - "If you do not go to war, He will punish you sternly and replace you with other men."
I'm not making this stuff up. To read the Koran is to know Islam is not a religion of peace and love. Don't be snookered by the liberals into thinking there isn't any difference between Islam and Christianity, into thinking there isn't any difference between Western and Islamic civilizations.
Islam is not compatible with any religion other than Islam and Muslims even fight among themselves - between the  Sunni and Shia.   

Friday, March 24, 2017

People need to grow up

If you are an American, stop looking to the government, state or federal, for anything. If you are not a citizen, you don't have a right to anything.
Stop the begging and the whining.
There are only a couple of rights anyone has. You have the right to live until you die. You have the right to try as long as you are alive. You can dream all you want but you don't have any right to see any of your dreams come true.
You can believe whatever you want to believe but you need to understand that believing doesn't make it true.
If you are old enough to have children and you do have children, the least you can hope for your children is for them to grow up and not be dependent upon you. Since this is the least you can hope for your children, shouldn't the same apply to you?
Growing up means not looking for anyone to take care of you. Grow up!   

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The evil AARP

The AARP is a ripoff. It is nothing more than a way for the people who work there to make money. To make money, it created the idea that once you turn 50, you are a Senior Citizen and now have the privilege to join  the AARP.
I have been throwing away their offers to join the AARP (send them money), ever since I approached 50.
Because of the AARP, many people think they are senior citizens when they are not all that old. It creates the idea that simply by turning 50, you have a right to special treatment.
There are only citizens. There are only people. No one is special and no one should receive special treatment or favors simply because they have been alive for 50 years or more.
I would be embarrassed and ashamed to receive any special treatment simply because I have been alive on this planet for over 74 years.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

SNL Sucks

Saturday Night Live sucks and has sucked for most of its 200 years on TV.
Disclaimer - I can't remember the last time I watched SNL. All of what I have seen in recent months has been forced on me when watching so called news programs.
Speaking of news programs, they suck too.
Enough is enough. I don't care about 99% of what the news media seems to think I should care about. I don't care about the GLBT community or any other community for that matter. I don't care about Muslims. I don't care about Mexicans or anyone else who wants to sneak into this country. I don't care about Democrats and I don't care about Republicans. I wish they would all go away and I wish the approximately 22% of Native Americans still stuck on reservations would leave the reservations and stop bothering people.
Everyone wants something from you and it is way beyond boring.
Maybe I'm wrong but I think there was a time when hardly anyone talked about politics and you were pretty much left alone to think what you wanted without someone trying to get you to agree with them. Now it seems everyone wants you to pick a side, like life is some never ending stupid sporting event.
Who cares? Why care? If we all would just take care of our own and stop bothering others, we all might feel  more inclined to treat each other as fellow human beings. And this should be the case when it comes to other countries. I don't care about other countries. If people in other countries don't like their leaders, it should be up to them to change things. The USA should stay out of the problems in other countries.
It's a sad state of affairs when news outlets insist on telling what went viral on the Internet and I'm left wondering why I'm supposed to care. Nothing is funny anymore.
I know what would help get us all into a better mood. Let's bring back public executions. Let's start by executing all the politicians and lawyers, followed by executing anyone in Hollywood who thinks we should care what they think. They'r nothing more than adults play acting.     

The Complete Book of Democratic Wisdom and Knowledge

Pete Klein has a new book,

The Complete Book of Democratic Wisdom and Knowledge

The Complete Book of Democratic Wisdom and Knowledge is not a serious exposition but is only meant for amusement and is a take-off on an earlier work by Klein, The Complete Book of Republican Wisdom and Knowledge.

Publication Date: Mar 11 2017
ISBN/EAN13: 1544619286 / 9781544619286
Page Count: 120
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Related Categories: Humor / Topic / Political