Wednesday, November 11, 2009

E-books now available


Ravenwolf Publishing releases three books in the rapidly becoming popular E-Book format..

Author and publisher Pete Klein says, "Amazon with its Kindle e-book reader has made e-books respectable, affordable, portable and popular, and it is only logical and natural to respond to their lead. This is why I have made my books available in the e-book format at both Amazon and my own web page."

Pete Klein, author of the vampire books "The Dancing Valkyrie" and "The Vampire Valkyrie," and the outdoor hiking guide "Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County" says, " recently released all three books in the E-Book format. These books are now available for download for $9.99 each at the following web addresses:
The Dancing Valkyrie at:
The Vampire Valkyrie at:
Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County at:

of The Dancing Valkyrie
Blood and sex. Of course love, but not the way humans think about it.
This is the recurring theme throughout The Dancing Valkyrie, a story about Mary Hoffman, librarian by day and exotic dancer by night. Mary, needing some time alone takes a hike along a secluded upstate New York trail. She is saved from two predatory young men by Beth, a beautiful woman slightly older than Mary. The two join together for the rest of the trail, becoming romantically involved along the way. Beth, it turns out is a vampire, and quickly introduces Mary to the mystical world she lives in. After inviting Mary back to her castle, built by her brother, Joseph, in a remote area, Mary is seduced into becoming a vampire as well. Joseph and Beth are hundreds of years old, and pose as brother / sister, but are husband and wife, or, in vampire terms, father and daughter. Thus begins the fascinating story of Mary’s transition from human woman to vampire.
This book is full of rich and incredibly descriptive prose that makes you feel you are in every scene. The dialog is both thought provoking and believable (or course we are talking about vampires), with an excellent mix of philosophical, religious and historical references mixed within the real time story. The plot is not complex, as the story is more of a journey than a twisty-turny, keep you in the dark project. It is more than adequate, however, as you quickly become submersed in the protagonist’s discovery process. Klein presents vampires in a light never seen before, and frankly one of the most inventive and most original depictions I’ve ever read.
This is an absolute must read if you are a vampire fan. It should be tempered with the fact that it is an erotic novel. However, the sex is an integral part of the novel’s framework and not only necessary, but adds to the overall richness of the work. A pleasant surprise on the last page was: “TO BE CONTINUED.”
Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Gregg J. Haugland, Allbooks Reviews.
Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County
As an avid hiker myself, my bookshelf contains many hiking trail and guide books. Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County is a unique addition in that it is more personal than technical, more descriptive than mundane. I always find that I am bored by the many maps, geological notes, etc included in many guide-books.
Peter Klein takes readers on a hiking journey, describing the flora and fauna, the smells, the sounds, the sites and the feel of the area. He makes the trails real to the reader and definitely convinces the avid hiker or the everyday walker that visiting this area would be an excellent experience.
The book lists several areas in Hamilton County-Rock Lake Trail, Blue Ledges, Whortleberry and Big Bad Luck Ponds. Each trail includes location, short history and a recommendation for the best time of year to visit. The book also contains some excellent tips and advice for readers before venturing into the woods, very informative for beginners. Hikers and walkers should pick up a copy of this book if visiting Hamilton County.
Peter Klein is the author of both non fiction and fiction. He incorporates much of his flair for description into this book.
Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.
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