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AllBooks Review of Blood Red Pleasure

GENRE:     Fantasy
TITLE:       Blood Red Pleasure
AUTHOR:  Peter Klein

Blood Red Pleasure, is the newest vampire novel by Peter Klein, and follows the latest exploits of four generations of vampires: Joseph, who turned Beth, Beth who turned Mary, and Mary who turned Ana.
Although Klein's creations can walk freely in the sunlight, and have other advantages over their more traditional counterparts, that does not mean that fitting into the human world is without its challenges, especially in a post 9/11 world, where cultural paranoia and technological advances in personal and national security coincide to make flying under the radar next to impossible for this family of immortal killers.
Unbound by human standards of morality, gender boundaries, or “normality”, these characters live solely for their own personal satisfaction, which is often tied up in the love they hold for one another, and the unrivalled bliss that is to be found in the merging of sex and blood,regardless of why the two are being shared to express love or deliver death.
With characters that are complex, and the relationships between them even more so, Blood Red Pleasure is a book that has a lot to offer vampire aficionados as well as fans of several different genres of erotica.
Reviewer: J.P. Layberry

Take 5 Interview of Pete Klein

Take 5 Interview

How does being Catholic fuel an author's fascination with vampires? Is it difficult to make the
transition from reporter to novelist? "Take 5" with acclaimed author Peter Klein below and find
1) How has your being Catholic fueled your fascination with vampires?

Complicated. I don't believe anyone can be condemned for being who and what God made them
to be. This is basic to my imaginative view of vampires. If they were to exist, they would be flesh
and blood creatures created by God. No creature exists, from T Rex to tigers to humans to
vampires without God being the creator.

2) What makes the vampires in your novels different from the ones in other authors' writings?

The history of vampires in fiction and the human imagination has always viewed them as demons
of sorts, My take is to see them as a natural, undiscovered creature who from a morality point of
view is no more evil than any of the worlds top predators which are capable of killing humans for
food or in self defense. Think of a lion or tiger who looks like and passes for being human.

3) Was it difficult to make the transition from reporter to novelist?

No. I was interested in writing fiction before I became a reporter and continue to be a reporter. I
believe my writing as a reporter has helped me be a better novelist and being a novelist has helped
me be a better reporter.

4) How's life in the Adirondacks these days?

The Adirondacks is a unique place. It is the largest wilderness area east of the Rockies. The
county I live in, Hamilton County, is larger than the state of Rhode Island but has a year-round
population of only about 5,000. We have long, cold winters with lots of snow and short, warm
summers. But my favorite season is fall where the autumn colors are fantastic.

5) Which author, living or dead, would you want to pen the story of your life?

Laugh, laugh. I have an aunt who keeps bugging me to write my own biography because she
thinks I have led a very interesting life. Just for kicks, Truman Capote might be a choice. Other
choices might be Herman Hesse or E. A. Poe. Looking at the question from the point of view of a
reporter, I would pick Hemingway. I like his brevity.

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Blood Red Pleasure Amazon Book Review

Blood Red Pleasure Amazon Book Review


Verified Purchase

I love a good vampire read but I’ll admit - the good vampire plots have been a bit sparse lately.
The book description for Blood Red Pleasure gave me hope that I had found a great read and I
wasn’t disappointed.
I bought this book before departing for a vacation in Mexico and made the mistake of deciding to
“just look” at the first couple pages on my Kindle. I’ll warn you now - once you start this read,
you will have a hard time putting it down. It drew me in and kept me captivated from beginning
to end. Needless to say, this Hoosier didn’t make it anywhere close to the border before finishing
this excellent vampire read.
Erica (our main character) was well created. This is not the sugar coated vampire read that
unfortunately (in my opinion) has saturated the vampire genre lately.
Erica and the other vampires have actual lives (she owns a business). She doesn’t just prance
around announcing she’s a vampire. The characters interact well together and the story moves at a
consistent clip with no lags.
I liked the variety of locations that the author used – taking us from Erica’s place of business to a
castle in Romania and also into the Adirondacks.
The plot was great and I couldn’t ask for a better vampire read.
Definitely recommend this read.