Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GM vs. Toyota

I'm sorry but I just don't trust GM, having been born and raised in Detroit.
GM has always had the philosophy that what is good for GM is good for America.
Now, with the current assault on Toyota, I wonder if part of what is going on is a collusion between GM and the US Government to harm/destroy Toyota.
Don't get me wrong. I really don't care about Toyota. I drive a Kia.
I have been driving Kia's since 2001 for reasons of cost, value and mpg.
But Kia is not yet a threat to GM while Toyota is.
For years, GM hasn't given a hoot about the American driving public. Neither does it care much about its workers or the Detroit Metro area.
It was never proven but widely suspected that GM was behind the attempted murder of UAW President Walter Ruther (back in the very late 40's or early 50's).
I just don't trust either the US Government or GM when it comes to anything about Toyota.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tea Party hates Jesus

I think the Tea Party people hate Jesus.
They hate Jesus because Jesus likes tax collectors and prostitutes.
If Jesus were around today, Tea Party people would want him crucified.
They would want him to be crucified after they proclaimed to him what wonderful Christians they are and he then told them to sell all they have, give the money to the poor and then follow him.
I think they would come up with the money to have him arrested and crucified.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amazon, iPad and other rants and ravings

I came across a story on the Internet which sheds some light, I believe, on the future of ebooks with regard to Amazon and Apple.
Click on the link below to read about it.
I think this is interesting and the info could be a money saver since I have noticed there are sites that are offering - at a charge, of course, ways to format your books to be purchased and read on an iPad.
To me, there are thousands of sites offering ways for you to sell books by using their marketing services. Naturally, for a price.
I am amazed by the amounts being charged for these services, some nearly $5,000!
I know marketing is important but at what price. How many books need to be sold just to break even and none of these services can promise you will break even.
I am giving serious thought to switching from Lulu to CreateSpace for two or three simple reasons.
One, CreateSpace is Amazon and I will bet most books sold on the Internet are sold through Amazon.
Two, I can lower the retail, wholesale and to me cost of my books.
Three, When it comes to ebooks, there again it looks like Amazon will continue to dominate,
One other plan in the works is to consolidate my two vampire novels into one new novel that will also include the third vampire book I am now writing.
I do have an agent and friend who thinks this is a good idea. She thinks we have a good chance at finding a traditional publisher. And, she loves the title: And God Created Vampires.
Thanks for your time. I hope you found this interesting.