Saturday, May 31, 2014

Print vs. Ebooks

There are two problems with printed books. both soft cover and hard cover, both of which I
happen to like.
Cost is the number one problem. The second problem is weight.
If you own a lot of books like I do, you quickly realize how much they weigh when you move.
Coming up to the Adirondacks or anyplace else and it’s much easier to lug along your Kindle
than it is to bring more than a couple of books.
If you buy books online as many do, you instantly can start reading the ebook while you have to wait a week to have the printed version shipped. If you pay for faster shipping, the cost of the printed book goes way up.
You say you don’t like reading digital? That is exactly what you are doing right now. Yes,
printed books are nice. I love them so much that I have several sitting on one of my many
bookshelves that I have never read. They look nice sitting there and I encourage you to buy your
print books from me and while you are at it, you can also download the ebook version for when

you feel you don’t want to carry the print when you go on vacation.
If you don't know where to get started, check out my titles below.
All of Peter Klein’s vampire novels are now on sale with new book covers for The Dancing Valkyrie and The Vampire Valkyrie.
Currently, Klein has four vampire novels in print and also available as ebooks on Amazon.
It was on May 21 that the new vampire novel - Blood Red Pleasure - became available in print and as ebook.
Blood Red Pleasure is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $3.99 in ebook and is available at
The Dancing Valkyrie is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $2.99 in ebook and is available at
The Vampire Valkyrie is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $2.99 in ebook is available at
And God Created Vampires is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $2.99 in ebook is available at

Also, with the summer tourist season approaching, the guide book to trails and things to do in the Adirondacks of Hamilton County, N.Y., - Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County - is available on Amazon at $12.59 in paperback and $4.99 in ebook and is available at

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why I write about vampires the way I do.

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Quite simply, I don't believe in any supernatural monsters. I believe any creature that did, does or could exist would be natural.
I don't believe vampires that look human do exist but if they were to exist, then they might be very much like the vampires I write about. This is why one of the titles for my third vampire novel was titled "And God Created Vampires."
Second main thought in writing these vampire stories is my firm belief that if they were to exist, they would have every right to live as vampires. No apologies. No excuses. Their thoughts would be their thoughts. Their ways would be their ways. Just as a tiger or a wolf have no reason to feel "immoral" because they kill other living creatures, my vampires are not immoral just because they kill humans when they take blood. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Peter Kleins Bio and books. - ravenwolfsmoons Blog - Blogster

Peter Kleins Bio and books. - ravenwolfsmoons Blog - Blogster

Apex Review info
Peter Klein

Pete Klein was born and raised in Detroit, Mich. where he
attended Notre Dame High, Harper Woods. After high school, Pete joined the US
Navy and served as a Corpsman in New Port, RI, and Long Beach, CA. After
receiving an Honorable Discharge, it was back to Detroit for a year before
moving to NYC to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Klein says, "I lived in New York at the right time (mid
60's) in the Lower East Side (East Village) and enjoyed discovering the city
and myself.
In 1968 Klein married Carmen Austin. In 71 they moved upstate
where they raised children and Pete worked in the automotive aftermarket as a
manufacturer's rep, traveling all of upstate NY.
Then it was back down to the city for a few years as the
sales manager for a firm importing automotive parts and accessories from the
Far East.
Missing the country life, Klein moved the family back upstate
to the Adirondacks in 1987.
Klein has been living in the Adirondacks for the past 27
years and has been a reporter for the Hamilton County Express for the past 13
years. It was going to work as a reporter that finally moved him to return to
his early dream of writing books.
The thought of writing vampire novels came early. After first
watching the original Dracula movie, Klein asked his grandmother, a German born
and raised in Romania, if there were any truth to the story. The grandmother,
being a sensible Catholic, responded, "That's just foolish
But the fascination with vampires didn't die. Klein says,
"I think being Catholic had something to do with the vampire fascination.
Here I'm talking about the blood of life, intrinsic to both the story of Jesus
and vampires, and the sexual undertones of most vampire stories.
The vampires in Klein's novels are very different from those
in other novels. Here again, Klein believes his Catholic background has much to
do with the difference in his novels.
Klein says, "I can enjoy just about any vampire novel or
movie but never find any of them in the least bit believable or scary. I figure
if there were any chance of vampires being real, they would need to be natural
creatures created by God for whatever reason God would create them. Therefore,
even though my vampires are extremely dangerous, I do not see them as demons. I
tend to view them much as I view any deadly predator. They look and act like
the humans they were before they became vampires but they do need blood and
take what they need when the need arises."
In addition to writing for the paper and writing books, Klein
also writes book reviews for AllBooks Book Review.

Vampire books appear below in
order of publication. Other books by Pete Klein follow in order of publication
“The Dancing Valkyrie” (ISBN: 1440432198 | ISBN-13: 9781440432194)
begins and ends in the Adirondacks of northern New York. It is the story of a
young woman who is an erotic dancer at a topless club in Schenectady, NY, who
becomes a vampire while on a hike in the wilds of the Adirondacks.
The novel follows her rapid
acclimation into being what she was born to be - a vampire with a lust for both
blood and sex, and draws to a conclusion when she meets with a vampire who
lives to kill other vampires - and whose name is Van Helsing.
"The Vampire Valkyrie" (ISBN: 1452877793 | ISBN-13:
9781452877792) continues the tale of the vampire Mary Hoffman, a.k.a. Erica,
the Dancing Valkyrie, who fights to protect her erotic dance club and her girls
from mobsters who want to control her and her club - or kill her if she
A Schenectady City Councilwoman wants to pass legislation to
close down or strictly limit the operation of adult businesses, an a upstate
crime boss wants control of Mary and her club and a New York City crime family
seeks to discredit the upstate crime boss through Mary and her club. Many
people die, both the innocent and the guilty, as a result of Mary's
determination to save herself, her girls and her club, while wondering if she
should stop being involved with humans and just kill all who infringe upon her
freedoms as a vampire.
“And God Created Vampires” (ISBN-13: 978-1477527450 ASIN:
B0088YS3CW) is the third vampire novel featuring Mary Hoffman, a.k.a. Erica,
who now needs to confront mistakes made as she tries to untangle herself from
those mistakes and extricate herself from being under surveillance by both the
FBI and CIA.
Who and how many will she need
to kill to live freely as a vampire created by God?
“Blood Red Pleasure” (ISBN-10: 1499139659  ISBN-13: 978-1499139655 Blood Red Pleasure
continues the story of the young vampire, Mary Hoffman, aka Erica, as she tries
to untangle the mistakes she made during her first year as a vampire. Mary and
Ana, Mary’s creation and lover, need to decide if they want to rebuild their
gentlemen’s club destroyed in a fire or drop all associations with humans in an
effort to stop surveillance by the FBI and CIA who regard them as persons of
interest in the torching of their club and a competitors club. They also need
to decide on the fate of a Schenectady City Councilwoman who is the only human
who knows they are vampires, a woman who wants to be part of their love
triangle and hopes to help them secure humans for the blood they need. The
story follows them from Schenectady to a castle in Romania to a castle in the
Adirondacks and all points near and in between. Blood will flow. A professor
will become an unwitting terrorist. The innocent and the guilty will die before
Mary and Ana are satisfied.
"Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County" (ISBN: 1453608141 |
ISBN-13: 9781453608142) is the first published hiking guide aimed only at
trails and attractions in Hamilton County, NY.
In addition to being a trail guide, the book offers tips on
many outdoor activities, state campgrounds, local chambers of commerce and who
to call in an emergency.
“Confession of an
Online Male Prostitute”
(ISBN: 145374245X | ISBN-13: 9781453742457) is
about a middle aged married man whose sex life with his wife has been absent
for a number of years. Yearning for some sex but not willing to go to bars or
pay for some mutual fun and not yet willing to divorce his wife, he decides the
Internet is the safe way to go and works up the nerve to see if he can get
anyone to pay him to take off his clothes and perform what amounts to an online
peep show.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Blog by Pete Klein - Vampire Fiction

Blog by Pete Klein - Vampire Fiction

New vampire novel just published.

Click on above for more info

Blog by Pete Klein - Vampire Fiction

Blog by Pete Klein - Vampire Fiction

Starting on Saturday, May 24, Confessions of an Online Male Prostitute will be available on Amazon for only 99 Cents.

This is a limited time - countdown deal. Hurry