Sunday, November 29, 2015

Islam vs. Everyone

There is a debate taking place among the people who live in Europe and the United States, concerning accepting refugees from wars taking place in the Middle East and Africa.
Should we or shouldn't we take them in? Who and how many?
I gave "Islam vs Everyone" as the title to this blog but I could just as well titled it "Secularism vs Islam."
Well, stop and think about it. The Islamic fundamentalists - aka terrorists - believe their faith is under attack by everyone who is not Muslim. Their war is a war to protect and advance Islam to the point where everyone submits to the Islamic faith. At the very least, they want to exclude all Western values and influences from countries that are predominantly Islamic. Once that is accomplished, the next goal is to add to the number of countries that are predominantly Muslim.
There is justification to their view. When they hear the United States proclaim it wants to make the world safe for democracy, they hear the United States saying it wants to impose its quasi-Christian/secular ways upon their world, the Islamic world. They want none of it.
All they want from the United States and the rest of the non-Islamic world is money and goods. They don't want our culture.
So what about these refugees? Should we take them in?
There is no simple answer but I do believe it is important to realize that to a great extent, the Islamic terrorist view them as missionaries even if most of the refugees don't see themselves as missionaries.
Think of the home grown terrorists in the United States and Europe. They feel marginalized in the western countries they find themselves living in and react in a negative manner.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Indian Tomb - Debra Paget - Snake Dance Scene - HD

Vampires attack Islamic State

Below is a short piece from the latest vampire novel I am working on,
The tentative title is "The Return of Vlad the Impaler."

It was a dark, cloud covered night, somewhere near the border between Iraq and Syria, an area under the control of ISIS. A small group of ISIS jihadist were asleep in a small house located at the edge of a small town occupied by ISIS forces. Because of its location at the edge of town, one of the fighters had agreed to stand watch. Not that there was any concern that any of the locals would dare to attack while the group slept, but the decision was made one should stand watch just in case the Americans might attempt a night attack with a drone. Truth be told, the leader of the small group knew a guard would have little to no chance of warning those asleep of possible danger from Americans but did like to keep his small group constantly aware that danger was always near and what better way than to have a night guard even if having one wouldn’t save anyone of anything other than the worry that something might happen and that worry prevent them from having a good night’s sleep.
The night watchman, a young man in his early twenties, occupied himself by reading the Koran. He was able to read it in the meager light of a small fire he had built more for its light than its warmth. Occupied as he was, he was unaware that a man and a woman came out of the darkness to stand behind him. Only when the woman knelt beside him and kissed him on his neck did he realize he was not alone. If he had been able to move his hand, he would have responded by slapping at where he felt the kiss because although the kiss was soft and wet, there was also the sensation of being pricked, perhaps by a bug. But because he was unable to respond in any way, fear filled him as he slumped to the ground, unable to move a muscle or even feel himself fall to the ground. Had he just fallen asleep and was he now just caught in a dream?
The dream had him first seeing his Koran had fallen to the edge of the small fire where it began to burn. Then the small fire became smaller and smaller, and he could only guess he was being dragged away from the fire. It was just a guess because he couldn’t feel himself being dragged. He felt nothing. Nothing at all! But he then realized he could hear.
Far from the fire, now only a spot of light seen from the ground of the desert, he heard voices in his own language speaking to him. It was a woman’s voice telling him, “Nothing personal but seeing as how you people like to terrorize people, you’ve been chosen to bring a little terror into your own lives. You believe you are right. You believe you are doing Allah’s will in killing the unbelievers. You know nothing about the gods by whatever names you give them. You think any gods other than your one true god you call Allah are figments of other’s imagination caused by their sinfulness. But before this night is through, you will know there are things you don’t believe in but do exist. You will know because you will die at the hands of two very real vampires who knew Vlad Dracula who killed by impaling thousands of warriors from the Ottoman Empire.”
Nothing was making any sense to the young man. He had heard of the Ottoman Empire and had heard of a fictional vampire named Dracula but had never heard of the real Count Dracula and what he had done to the Muslims who had invaded Romania. He was certain this must be a dream because he felt nothing. He was certain until his eyes having grown accustomed to the darkness and he had his first glimpse of the two who had been pulling him away from the camp fire, which was now hardly a dot off in the distance.
What he appeared to see was a man and a woman, both naked and busy pulling off his clothes. After pulling off his clothes, they moved beyond his sight. He didn’t see them again until he found himself standing but not seemingly standing of his own accord. How could this be?
The answer to his question became horror when the beautiful, naked woman said to him while standing in front of him and slightly to his side, “When they find you in the morning, they will see you dead and standing here, thanks to a pole up your ass. They will also see but struggle to disbelieve what they see when they see fang marks on either side of your neck made by two vampires who took your blood. For you, not to worry. All you will feel is the intense pleasure we will cause when we take you blood. Say hello to your god when you see our god and goddess who loves us very much.”
After not feeling anything, all of a sudden the young ISIS warrior felt himself engulfed in a pleasure far greater than he had ever experienced. Immediately he had an erection and soon thereafter he was squirting his seed out to land upon the desert sands.
In the morning he was found with a note written in Arabic. The leader of the group read it to himself.
“Know this, you who call yourselves the defenders of the god you call Allah,” it read. “No true god needs any human defenders. You kill and are killed according to the laws of fate and chaos written for all ages. You think in terms of good and evil, the Original Sin created by Adam and Eve. But good and evil are merely choices you humans make. The Creator is not constrained by the ideas of humans. Your thoughts and your ways are not the thoughts and ways of the Creator who smiled upon creation and said, ‘All is good.’ Yes, even the vampires who slew your comrade are good in the eyes of the Creator. Think long and hard about your ways, and maybe the vampires will leave you alone to live out your days with those you love. Heed not these words and the vampires will kill you as Vlad Dracula the Impaler prevented the Ottomans from taking over Romania.”

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