Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What if vampires did exist

What if vampires did exist

Throughout the ages, vampires have existed in myth and fiction. In books, movies and TV, they have ranged from evil demons who kill and drink the blood of humans to tortured souls who get the blood they need without killing humans. All vampires have the ability to turn humans into vampires. Some do while others pick and choose while still others refuse to turn humans into vampires. Most cannot go out in the light of day while some can. Some can shapeshift. Many can get into and manipulate the minds of humans. Most do not show their reflection in a mirror but some do. Most modern vampires are good looking and sexually seductive. Some are attractive but become ugly and horrific in appearance when they attack their prey. This is most often the case in movies. Most have fangs but a few do not. All vampires are difficult to kill, don’t age after becoming vampires and are considered to be immortal for all practical purposes.
But what if there were vampires, natural creatures who only appear to be human?
If you consider the fact that there are many strange creatures living in the world today and even more who lived in the past, think of T-Rex, it is not impossible to imagine that real vampires of skin and bone, flesh and blood, could exist. If they were to exist, what might they be like?
The first thing that would be obvious is that they would not be demons. They would be very much alive in their bodies of skin and bone, flesh and blood. They would need real food in addition to the blood they would need to survive. There aren’t enough nutrients in blood to sustain a physical body. Looking like the humans they were before they became vampires, they would be able to live among humans without being recognized as a separate species. To exist among humans and get the blood they need to survive as vampires, they would need to possess some abilities not possessed by most humans.
What might these abilities be? Most can be explained by vampires having natural abilities in excess of those most humans have: better eye sight, hearing, smelling, tactile sensations and overall health and strength. They would have the ability to create illusions such as those that are done by the best magicians and illusionist but be better at doing them because of their vastly improved five senses. In short, they would be the world’s top predator by combining the highest predator qualities of humans and tigers.
This is how I have imagined my vampires. In most respects they live and act as humans do but with one big difference. Being a unique species that does need blood and not truly human, their morality would not conform to human standards. They have no more qualms about taking blood from humans and killing them in the process than a human has in sitting down to a good meal of meat and potatoes.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Book fair in Glens Falls, NY

Pete Klein at Chronicle Book Fair
Pete Klein will be signing and selling his Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County guide book and vampire novels at the 20th annual Glens Falls Chronicle Book Fair, Autumn Leaves, on Sunday, Nov. 6, from 11 am to 3 pm at the Queensbury Hotel in downtown Glens Falls.

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