Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In defense of Native American and smoking

You might be inclined to think our elected leaders (don't you just love being led?) are a bunch of bigots when in comes to Native Americans.
Here in New York State, in their lust to spend money the state elected leaders want to raise the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products to an unconscionable to the point where one pack of cigarettes will cost over $9, except in NY City where it will cost about $11 per pack.
If that were not enough, they want to force the Indians to collect the tax on their sovereign lands.
What all of this will do is help bootleggers sell more cigarettes.
Didn't anyone learn anything from prohibition?
And it isn't just cigarettes I'm talking about.
Maybe you are one of those who thinks controlled drugs should be legalized and taxed. Maybe you think only marijuana should be legalized and tax. But if anything is legalized and taxed in the way cigarettes are taxed, the drug cartels will not miss a beat.
Forget about the greed of business. You want to see real greed, look at your government and your elected leaders.

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