Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do gays really want to get married?

Do gays and lesbians really want to get married?
I ask the question because of the following I read on another blog. Anonymous asks, "Homosexual couples don’t realize how good they have it right now. They are free to live their lives as they pleas at the present. It is utterly baffling why anyone would encourage government intrusion into their lives. Lets face it, the issue of gay marriage benefits women, not men. How does that joke go? What does a lesbian bring to a first date? A suitcase. The second date? A turkey baster. Women desire long-term monogamous relationships. Men don’t. If this passes gay men in this state are about to be monumentally hosed. Remember, with gay marriage comes gay alimony!"
As the poster suggests, even among homosexuals there is a difference between men and women when it comes to sex.
On average, I would say, the main reason most men want to get married is for what they hope will be guaranteed sex. This is not to say women don't want sex. It is just to say most women want more guarantees, such as children and a father who sticks around to help raise the children.
So maybe the question should be - is the push by gays for marriage more about the legal advantages of being married, such as tax status, medical insurance and end of life decisions, than having much to do about about sex?
Let's be real. One thing shared by heterosexuals and homosexuals is engaging in promiscuous sexual activity whether married or not.
When gays and lesbians say they just want to get married because they are in love, I wonder. I wonder because I know many if not all men will tell a woman they love her for no other reason than they want sex with her. This leads me to believe using love as the reason why gays and lesbians argue for marriage equality is a bit of a red herring.
I'm not opposed to the idea. I guess what I would prefer is civil unions for all for the legal reasons. Then leave it up to the various religions and the people themselves to call it whatever they want.

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