Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Expanding Universe

Yesterday it was reported that three U.S.-born scientists have won this year’s Nobel Prize in physics for their research on the expansion of the universe.
This is all very well and good but it seems to me the scientists are making the same mistake made by many theologians.
The mistake is thinking (presuming) nothing came before this Universe.
As I imagine it, this Universe is but the latest in an infinite number of universes that came before it and the infinite number of universes that will follow it.
The scientists pretty much agree with the Big Bang theory but see the expanding universe expanding forever. Here I disagree.
I propose that what is happening is very similar to the reclining 8 figure used to indicate infinity. Laying the lazy 8's side by side, you will see expansion followed by contraction to expand again. Imagine the breathing process. Exhale and Inhale, almost like the breath of God and you needn't believe in God to understand the process.
Maybe we could call this the Diaphragm Theory which could include the Big Bang Theory. This would also include the theory that matter is neither created nor destroyed as long as one understands that matter and energy are one and the same thing in but different forms, similar to the many forms of water - vapor, water, ice, snow.
We may and probably never will know the truth because we are within an evolutionary system and are unable to see outside of it - the Universe, the universe we are now in. But I do believe it is highly presumptuous of us to think nothing came before or will come after us and this particular universe.
As with the Big Bang theory, the Diaphragm theory neither proves nor disproves the existence of a Creator God.

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