Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tax me, please!

Here in NYS, like many other states, the cry is no new taxes and cut the budget. The Governor doesn't want to extend the so called millionaires tax but wants to cut the budget.
Talk about being courageous!
Being someone who doesn't want to pick on anyone, I have a plan. Rather than pick on the millionaires, why not raise taxes on everyone?
We have become a nation of selfish cowards. We thank those in the military for their service but don't join. We want our roads and bridges to be safe, our nation defended and our children educated but we would rather not pay for any of it.
The Greatest Generation paid for what we have (and are now losing) with their blood, sweat, tears and higher taxes.
Shouldn't our country mean more to us? Shouldn't we step up and be counted by doing more than shouting, "We're number one!"?

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