Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The population solution to every thing

If you want to complain about too few jobs, global warming, the price of gas, whatever, go ahead and complain but there is little chance anything will be done and what is done will not solve anything unless something is done to stop the population growth of humans.
We have painted ourselves into a corner with our dependence on growth.
There is absolutely no way energy conservation will work to solve any of our problems if population growth continues.
Sure, there are a few areas such as the Adirondacks where I live that could use some population growth because of the life styles we demand. But the Adirondacks is not the world. Evens so, we are being affected by the growth in the world population and the resulting demands for more and more energy. We see it in the price of gas, fuel oil and food.
You could chop all of trees down in the Adirondacks and it would solve nothing. You could put up windmills to generate electricity on every mountain and ridge line and it would solve nothing. We can drill for oil anywhere world and get coal by every and any method and it would solve nothing. Nothing will be solved unless the population in every part of the world stops growing and, preferably, goes down.
I get the feeling there are those who don't care because they believe they can live high on the hog and will die before the bells toll. There are others who want to see the end of the world because they hate it and can hardly wait for their wished for Armageddon. What the two have in common is selfishness.
Oh, and let's not forget jobs. With automation and computerization, we should not expect to see anything approaching pre 2008 employment levels. Business simply does not need as many workers as it once did. People have become worth less than a dime a dozen.
Compared to the balance of the world, we have it great in terms of jobs available. The balance of the world, especially its young, look at us and see the enemy because we consume more and make more. We are not loved. We are dreaming if we think we have any allies.
For more learn from Albert Allen Bartlett, an emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder by going to his web page where you can watch his lectures on the subject of uncontrolled population growth.

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