Sunday, July 1, 2012

Confessions of an Online Male Prostitute

 INDIAN LAKE -- Peter Klein takes a break from his vampire novels, "The Dancing Valkyrie" and "The Vampire Valkyrie," to explore the strange world of online prostitution and what might drive both customers and performers to meet in cyberspace.
The novella is published by Create Space and is listed in Books in Print, Ingram's database in the US and numerous online book stores.
Klein says, "The world of online dating is not limited to the Web sites advertised on TV and the Internet. There is another world, a stranger world, where a surprising number men and women, both young and old, are willing to bare all and do all live and on screen for those who are willing to pay a per minute fee. This is the world my character enters in the hope of revealing his repressed past and learning what his future might be."
The novella is about a middle aged married man whose sex life with his wife has been absent for a number of years. Yearning for some sex but not willing to go to bars or pay for some mutual fun and not yet willing to divorce his wife, he decides the Internet is the safe way to go and works up the nerve to see if he can get anyone to pay him to take off his clothes and perform what amounts to an online peep show.
Of course most who do stop by are gay men.
One day, one of his clients asks him to exchange emails to talk and maybe meet. He agrees even though he doesn't consider himself gay. He does because he has unresolved, suppressed issues from his distant past and tells himself this may be a way to see and resolve those issues.

ISBN 145374245X
EAN-13 is 978145374245

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