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The Vampire Valkyrie, Chapter 1

The Vampire Valkyrie

By Pete Klein

Chapter 1

It was either a dream come true or a nightmare made real for Tom Walsh. What does a guy think when a nightmare turns into a dream, the dream turns into a nightmare, then the nightmare becomes an impossible fantasy?
The nightmare had started when Tom found himself lost deep in the Adirondacks of northern New York on a hunting trip. Of course, as is usually the case, Tom did not know he was lost until he was hopelessly lost. He had been hunting with some buddies but had gone off on his own when buck-fever struck after he spotted deer tracks in the snow that had fallen early in the day. The tracks had taken him to a stream. Then the sun had come out and the tracks had vanished with the snow.
He had not been paying attention to his direction of travel but had not worried at first because he had remembered to bring along a compass, map and GPS. The trouble was, after having lunch at the stream where the tracks had vanished with the melting snow, he discovered the batteries in his GPS were dead and he had forgotten to bring extra batteries. The map and compass might have served him well if he had ever stopped while following the trail and had determined what direction the deer trail was taking him. But he had no idea, guessed wrong which stream of the many streams shown on the map he had stopped for lunch, and had thus gone further and further from where he started. His mistake was not fully realized until late in the day when he found himself at the shore of a lake not shown on the map he had. If the map he did have had covered a slightly larger area, he would have been able to guess just how far off his wanderings had taken him. But as it was, he had no idea where he was except to know what his eyes were telling him. He was at the shore of a large lake and could see across to what, if his eyes were not deceiving him, was a castle that seemed to have been misplaced from Europe into the Adirondacks.
The air was getting colder and it would not be long before the sun would set. Tom was considering his options. Should he make camp where he was or should he try to hike around the lake to the castle where he might find some help? He believed someone was at the castle because he could see two cars were parked at the front entrance of the castle. He hesitated in making a decision because he was not sure he could hike around the lake to the castle before it got too dark to hike, and he was worried an owner of such a huge estate might not take kindly to someone trespassing on their lands.
It was while he was trying to decide what to do that the nightmare of being lost morphed into a dream of a beautiful young woman striding naked from the lake and walking up to him with a smile on her face while she was wringing out the water from her long, blond hair. Tom was speechless. Her eyes stared into his and he was unable to do anything other than to look into her eyes between stealing glances at her naked beauty. Then she was in front of him, taking him into her arms, kissing him first on his lips, then on his neck and causing an intense pleasure, unlike anything he had ever experienced. He melted in her arms, felt limp, then found himself being towed across the lake by the woman. This was when the dream became a nightmare because, except for being conscious, being able to look up at the darkening sky and being able to hear water lapping at his ears, he feared he might be dead and having an out-of-body experience before leaving this world for the next.
Things did not improve for Tom when his body was dragged from the lake and thrown over the shoulder of the woman who had kissed him. He was looking down at her backside and thinking she had a very nice ass, as near as he could tell, but was unable to speak to her, ask her what was going on, and couldn't even feel the ass his one hand would sometimes touch when his hanging arm would swing in the right direction.
Then she was carrying him into the castle, up flight after flight of stairs and down hallway after hallway until carrying him into a room with white carpeting. Tom was unable to see the face of the woman again until she carried him up another flight of stairs and into a room that had green carpeting. He saw her, still naked, when she shucked him off her shoulder and dropped him on his back on what he presumed was a bed because of its soft firmness.
Tom could hear the woman say, "Girls, after all you went through today, I thought you might like a treat."
Then Tom was looking up at three, very beautiful, naked women looking down at him. One was the blond who had towed him across the lake and had carried him up into the castle room where he now lay on a bed. The second woman was black and very exotic looking. The third was also a blond with very large breasts.
The woman with the big breasts asked, "Is he dead? He's not moving."
The black woman said, "Sashia, don't be such an ass. Erica would not have brought a dead man up here for us just to look at."
"Of course not. I brought him up so you could have some fun before I do what you girls wanted to see me do," said the blond who had captured him and had done whatever it was she had done to him. Paul guessed her name must be Erica.
Sashia, the other blond said, "So if he's not dead but not moving, what exactly are we going to do with him?"
Erica said, "I say we start by taking off his clothes. I'm sure you and Tanya will then think of something to do."
Some feelings returned to Tom's limbs while the women were removing his clothing. He thought he should help them but then wondered why he should help. He wished someone would explain what had happened to him.
What had happened to him was answered when he heard Erica say while she was pulling down his pants, "I was wondering what I could do for you two when I was swimming out in the lake and spotted this guy on the far shore. I thought if I just temporarily paralyzed him so I could get him up here, he could serve as a gift for what you went through earlier. If I pull just a little blood really fast, it causes something like a stroke. It lasts for only a little while, so you'll be able to make love with him if that's what you want."
Tanya said, "Cool!"
Sashia asked, "Will he try to run away?"
"Maybe from you," Tanya said. "But not from me."
No. Tom had no plans to run. Not now that his pants were off, as was most of the balance of his clothing, and he was able to look down his chest and see his cock was coming alive in the hand of the black woman, Tanya. More importantly, he could feel it was coming alive.
Sashia was saying, "If you're going to be first to fuck him, he can eat me while you're doing it."
"No problem," said Tanya who was lowering herself onto Tom while guiding his erection into her. "And if you want, I'll suck your breast while he's eating you. Unless Erica wants to get in on this."
Tom heard Erica say while he was watching Sashia's behind seat itself on his face, "You two go ahead and have your fun. I'll just watch and then you can watch me do what I do."
Exactly how he had gotten to where he was now was no longer of interest to Tom, though he did recall hearing the woman called Erica say something about paralyzing him by drawing a little blood very fast. But that did not seem very important now, considering how the black woman was gently riding him and the big breasted woman had placed her wet vulva firmly upon his lips. He placed his now alive hands on her hips and raised her just enough so he could breathe, then sucked her clitoris into his mouth where he could play with it with his lips and tongue.
Tom had pretty much forgotten who Tom Walsh was, other than a man who was surrounded by three beautiful naked girls. Perhaps somewhere in his mind he was being told he shouldn't be allowing what was happening to happen. He should fight these women off of him. He had been married for just over ten years, had two children ages five and seven, lived out on Long Island and worked in the city at an investment firm. Now, those realities that had defined Tom to himself were lost in the sensual delights being served to him.
Now, engrossed in sucking on Sashia's clitoris, Tom's mind was telling him that the clitoris he was sucking was in some way part of the same vagina making his cock hard and ache with pleasure. His tongue became a surrogate penis he used to try to make the woman come. When it became impossible for him to suffer any more pleasure and he was forced to come, what his mind wanted was achieved by his tongue and lips forcing the clitoris to open the vaults of Sashia's vagina to gush, filling his mouth and stinging his eyes with its pungent sweetness.
Tom was given no time to rest or to fondly recall the wildest pleasures he had ever experienced, before Tanya and Sashia had switched places and he found Tanya sitting on his face while Sashia was guiding his sore cock into her.
Perhaps if he had time to rest, he might have objected to having Tanya open and press the lips of her vagina against his lips. Not because he would have objected to eating a black woman, but because he guessed - guessed correctly - she had saved his ejaculation and was now letting it pour from her into his mouth. But Tom was so caught up in the erotic and forbidden passion of the moment, he soon found himself eagerly sucking in his own cum and being pleasantly surprised to find he liked the taste of it. Only for a moment did his thinking mind intrude upon the passion. But the intrusion only heightened his passion when his mind asked, "Why do some women hate giving head when come tastes so good?"
Tom was truly exhausted after coming in Sashia and drinking all Tanya could give. He was thinking how he would like to take a few minutes to rest and maybe sleep for a while before resuming the lovemaking, possibly with the blond who had found him. For a little while, his wish was granted and he was allowed to just lay there and look at the three beautiful women, the black woman lying next to him on his right, the blond with the big boobs resting next to him on the left, and the one they called Erica standing at the foot of the bed near his feet.
He heard Tanya say, "That was good, really great, Erica. Now what? Can we stay close like this and watch?"
"Sure. I'm thinking maybe the best thing I can do for you guys and him is to give him a blow job. If I take him the normal way, you probably won't be able to see much. Besides, he's a little soft now and that's probably the best way to get him hard again so I can give him as much pleasure as possible before I blow his mind."
Sashia laughed, "I can blow him if you want, Erica. You don't have to. I'll get him hard for you so you can fuck him."
Erica said, "I appreciate the offer and wouldn't mind watching you suck cock. I never have seen it done except in those gay porno videos Calvin is always watching. Thanks but no thanks. I'll do it and that way you'll be better able to see when I sink my fangs. I don't think the normal way would give you as good a view."
Tom did hear what Erica said but thought the girls were only trying to tease him. Fangs? What fangs? He was certain there were no such things as vampires or werewolves. He had seen all three women's reflection in mirrors. When he first had seen the woman named Erica coming out of the water, the sun had not yet set and had cast its rays on her face. She hadn't burst into flames. There had been nothing he had seen that would hint at her or any of the other two being vampires. Besides, vampires did not exist except in novels and people's imaginations. No, they were just playing with him, trying to heighten his erotic excitement. But then there was the strangeness of how he had ended up here with three gorgeous women. Erica had said she had taken a little of his blood to paralyze him before pulling him across the lake. She had probably just been joking then as she now was. These women were not vampires. He was having a dream, a very beautiful dream, a dream that most every guy would love to have, especially like the one he was now experiencing, the one where he was looking down his chest and watching Erica suck his flaccid cock into her mouth and slowly bringing it back to life.
Her eyes were fixed on his eyes. Her eyes seemed to be smiling. The other two girls had moved themselves down to be very close to watch Erica. They seemed to be as intent on watching Erica suck on him as was he. "Three times," Tom thought, "I've never come three times in one night, never been with three girls in one week, let alone one night!"
Erica was not the real name of the woman causing Tom to rejoice in his good luck. Erica was the stage name of an erotic dancer from a topless club called the Limina in Schenectady. The other two girls were also dancers at the same club and were spending a few days at the castle owned by friends of Erica. Erica's birth name was Mary Hoffman. Mary Hoffman was not quite as human as she appeared to be. Mary Hoffman was a vampire and she was doing what she was doing because she had promised her girlfriends, who were human, that she would let them watch her take blood.
Tom let his head fall back onto the bed and closed his eyes to better feel the pleasure radiating up from his cock. It was hard again. He imagined himself as a god of some sort being adored and pleased by beautiful women. They were venerating him and his manhood, he thought.
In one sense, Tom was right. Mary was loving Tom for the life-giving blood he would soon be giving to her. She wanted him to experience more pleasure than he had ever felt. She wanted his pleasure to rise and rise to the point where he would beg to give her everything she wanted. She desperately needed his blood to cleanse her mind of the vampire she had killed earlier in the day to save herself and protect her girls. Her girls had seen her cut off the vampire's head to kill him. They had been terrorized by the experience and she believed they deserved this treat she had promised to them.
Mary hardened Tom's penis by deftly sucking, licking, up, down and around the shaft and its head, sometimes taking it in until the head nearly touched her throat and almost made her gag, sometimes allowing all but the head to slide out of her mouth where she parted its opening with her tongue. She was in no hurry. She had never performed fellatio for a man and wanted the experience to last as long as she could make it last before her fangs would take control and find the blood her brain needed.
Tom began to breathe deeply through his mouth. His eyes would open and close to look at the ceiling above, if for no other reason then to temporarily assure himself the pleasure had not killed him and sent him to heaven. What he was feeling was certainly not hell. His body had never felt so fully alive. If these sensations could only last forever, it would not matter whether or not he was alive or dead. But then nothing lasts forever and Tom was begging in his mind for Mary to make him come. The pleasure had become too intense. Tom was saying, "Please! Oh god, please take me!"
Mary's fangs pierced the thin skin on the shaft and found the vein they wanted. Tom's blood shot up through the fangs to spray Mary's brain. Mary's brain sucked the blood in, absorbing it as though it were a pulsating sponge, and causing more pleasure for Tom than any human could possibly endure without dying from a heart attack.
Having his blood sucked into Mary caused Tom to imagine every vein in his body had suddenly become part of one tube squirting his semen into Mary. The pleasure was excruciating! His heart pumped wildly to meet the demand, failed and stopped.
Mary jerked her head back just before the last beat of Tom's heart. For but a moment her entire body tensed, almost to a spasm, by the pleasure that had filled her brain and had turned it into a sexual organ. When the pleasure subsided just enough for her to open her eyes to look at her girls, Mary relaxed some and said, "I hope you enjoyed watching. I hope I didn't frighten you."
The looks of wonder on the faces of Tanya and Sashia told Mary she had not made a mistake in letting them watch.
Tanya said, "He's still bleeding some. Can I lick it?"
"Me too?" Sashia chimed in.
Mary smiled and nodded. She enjoyed watching her girls lick and suck what blood they could from the man, not that any amount of blood they could get would ever turn them into the vampires she knew they wished they could become. But getting some blood from another human, even if the human were already dead, would bring them closer to her. It would help cement them into her world. They had watched her kill the vampire Van Helsing and helped her take his body and severed head down to the crematorium where they had helped push it in and burn it. Now they would help dispose of this man's body. They would never question her. They would never tell anyone - even if tortured - the truth about her. If it became necessary to die for her, they would do that too. And she would do anything for them, maybe even die for them.

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