Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun control

A few simple suggestions.
1 – don't vote for anyone who has a high rating from the NRA because it shows they are political cowards.
2 – Anyone guilty of domestic violence should have all of their guns taken away and destroyed.
3 – That popular TV program that I like to watch, Criminal Minds," should have its name changed to "Insane Minds."
4 – When you know someone who needs some mental help, make certain they get the help they need.
5 – Ban all automatics and semi-automatics. If you are a hunter and you can't hit your target with one bullet, you need to stop hunting or learn how to shoot straight.
6 – All gun sales should require a background check and all first time owners of guns should be required to take a gun safety course. We do it for hunters and drivers.
Yes, I own a rifle. Yes I like violent TV programs and movies. In fact, going to see Sky Fall tonight. But remember, just as guns don't kill people, it's people who kill people. Same is true for movies and video games. They don't kill people. People kill people.

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