Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Homeland Security

I don't know about you but I am tired of the Department of Homeland Security.
I think it should be abolished.
Why? Well there are several reasons. The first reason is I really am not all that afraid of terrorists. I view them as common thugs and believe they should be treated as the criminals they are.
We have so many police organizations as it is. We have the local police, the state police, the county Sheriff, the FBI, the CIA, NCIS, ICE, the ATF and god only knows what else.
How many law enforcement agencies do we need and how many can we afford?
A second reason is the atmosphere created by Homeland Security. The agency is suspicious of everyone. The problem here is it can make you wonder if the government doesn't trust you, why should you trust the government?
Might this be the reason why we see a growth in people who want guns to protect themselves from the government? I think there is a connection.
Understand, I am not saying there aren't any nutty terrorists. I'm just saying the Department of Homeland Security doesn't make us safe but does make us paranoid and robs us of freedoms.
Lastly, I just am totally opposed to giving a special status to the nutty terrorists. And they are nutty. They are not religious. They are the very opposite of being religious. They are losers. They are common criminals. No. Actually they are worse than common criminals but they don't deserve the attention they get.      

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