Sunday, June 2, 2013

Book Review Saving Faith

Genre: literary mystery
Title: Saving Faith
Author: Patrick M. Garry

Saving Faith is of novel of chance encounters that entwines the fate of both its main and minor characters. Not exactly the same, but for movie buffs, you might find yourself being reminded of the 2002 movie, Changing Lanes, starring Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson.
The story begins when Jack Fenien, a never adopted orphan who has been out of a Catholic orphanage for two years and now works as a repossessor for a used car dealer and who begins the story when he reposes the wrong car.
The story evolves as one chance encounter leads to another, starting with Ev Sorin, a disgraced journalist looking to get his career back on track and the man whose car Jack accidently reposed. Sorin, minus his car for a few days, hires Jack as his driver.
More and more characters are added along the way but the character that unites all of the character turns out to be Faith Powers, a comatose patient in a hospital whose true identity is unknown.
The story is told in the first person with Jack as the narrator. Although he tries to be objective and disinterested, he finds himself trying to help solve the mystery of what happened to Faith and along the way falls in love with a young woman, Clare, who is not a nurse but has an obsession of caring for Faith.
One murder leads to more as the characters come closer to discovering the how and why of Faith’s comatose condition. All of the characters have all too human flaws and none can be pegged as either the good guys or the bad guys.
It is the reality of these flawed characters that draw you to an ultimate conclusion you never saw coming.
About the author
Patrick M. Garry is a professor of law at the University of South Dakota. Garry has written a number of other books both fiction and nonfiction, including the fiction titles The Prisoner, Suicidal Tendencies and A Bomb Shelter Romance.
Summary: Highly Recommended, especially for those who love trying to sort truth from lies and discover who is guilty of what, if guilty of anything but being human.

Reviewer: Peter Klein Allbooks Reviews.
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Title: Saving Faith
Author: Patrick M. Garry
Publisher: Kenric Books
Pages – 304
Retail - $16.16
ISBN-10: 0983370311
ISBN-13: 978-0983370314

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