Thursday, January 2, 2014

Doors to Perdition book review by Pete Klein

Doors to Perdition is a collection of short stories from the dark side. No monsters except for your everyday common variety of humans. The tales might have you thinking of stories by Rod Sirling or Alfred Hitchcock. These are tales of comeuppance - what goes around, comes around and bad karma.
Bergstad goes deep into his characters mind and soul, and graphically shows how they struggle with their bad decisions. You might find yourself feeling sorry for some and their ultimate fate. Others you will cause you to say, “Well they got what they deserve.”
Bergstad writing will have you guessing as he expertly weaves you through the plots and the minds of his characters.
I don’t want to give out the particulars of any of the stories because this would take away your fun in trying to figure out the endings before you get to the endings.
I will say this though. When you reach the conclusion of each and every story, you will agree Bergstad knows how to plot a story because the endings are logical and no one comes to save anyone from the fate Bergstad planned for them.
I highly recommend this book of short stories for all who enjoy a good puzzle and don’t mind going into the minds of people you wouldn’t want to know.
Author: J B Bergstad work has appeared in the Jimson Journal, Midwest Literary Magazine, The Quill, Indie Searchlight, Scissors and Spackle, Pedigru Review, The Monarch Review and The Feathered Flounder to name a few. His collection of short stories, Screwing the Pooch, first published in 2009 to excellent reviews, won the Reader's Choice Gold Medal Award for Best Fiction of the year.
Reviewer: Peter Klein, Allbooks Reviews.
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Title: Doors to Perdition
Author: J. B. Bergstad
Publisher: Woodside Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780988806825
Pages: 120 pages
Price: $2.99
Kindle: $2.99

Date: June 29, 2013

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