Monday, June 29, 2015

Thoughts on gay marriage.

Only a few years ago, no one would have thought the US Supreme Court would make gay marriage legal throughout the land.
But if you think about it, more than inevitable, it was logical.
How so?
Well, it has been going on forever. It just wasn't called marriage.
Forever, two people of the same sex have been living together, just like people of the opposite sex. And just like people of the opposite sex, married or not, they may or may not have sex with each other.
If two people of the opposite sex can be married, live together and have or not have sex, why not two people of the same sex?
See, what I'm trying to point out here is the obvious. Even when you have two people of the opposite sex living together, there is no law that says they must have sex with each other - even if they are married.
While it is true there is the presumption that a man and a woman who are married are having sex, at least sometimes, it is not a requirement. About the only way not having sex in a marriage between a man and a woman comes into play is when one party enters into marriage with no intention of ever having sex. Then the one who entered the marriage with the belief they would have sex but is denied it by the person they married, they have the right to an annulment. Legally, they have sold grounds for a divorce.
When I was young and before I got married, I shared an apartment with another guy on two separate occasions. We didn't have sex but we did live together. In today's world, I guess we could get married even if we had no desire to have sex.
What this all comes down to is what is currently taking place has always been taking place. People who live together may or not be having sex, married or not. Should it have ever been anyone's business? I don't believe so.
And let's not forget. Married or not married, living with someone of the same sex, the opposite sex or living alone, a person could be having sex. Bottom line, there is something called masturbation and that takes places when people live alone or with someone of the same or opposite sex, married or not.

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