Friday, August 21, 2015

Solving global warming

Look, if you really want to do something about global warming and or climate change, you need to go to the root of the problem.
In 1950 the world population was 2,525,778,669. In 2015 it is estimated to be 7,324,782,225. This is nearly triple what it was in 1950.
The root of the problem is the human animal.
More and more people equals a greater and greater demand for everything including more energy from all sources.
If there is no control of the population, there is no way "clean energy" will ever solve the problem.
If the population had been stabilized at 2,525,778,66, the earth would probably be cooling instead of warming.
Clean energy is kind of like trying to bale water faster out of a sinking boat while you load more people into the sinking boat.

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