Sunday, November 29, 2015

Islam vs. Everyone

There is a debate taking place among the people who live in Europe and the United States, concerning accepting refugees from wars taking place in the Middle East and Africa.
Should we or shouldn't we take them in? Who and how many?
I gave "Islam vs Everyone" as the title to this blog but I could just as well titled it "Secularism vs Islam."
Well, stop and think about it. The Islamic fundamentalists - aka terrorists - believe their faith is under attack by everyone who is not Muslim. Their war is a war to protect and advance Islam to the point where everyone submits to the Islamic faith. At the very least, they want to exclude all Western values and influences from countries that are predominantly Islamic. Once that is accomplished, the next goal is to add to the number of countries that are predominantly Muslim.
There is justification to their view. When they hear the United States proclaim it wants to make the world safe for democracy, they hear the United States saying it wants to impose its quasi-Christian/secular ways upon their world, the Islamic world. They want none of it.
All they want from the United States and the rest of the non-Islamic world is money and goods. They don't want our culture.
So what about these refugees? Should we take them in?
There is no simple answer but I do believe it is important to realize that to a great extent, the Islamic terrorist view them as missionaries even if most of the refugees don't see themselves as missionaries.
Think of the home grown terrorists in the United States and Europe. They feel marginalized in the western countries they find themselves living in and react in a negative manner.


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