Friday, December 11, 2015

The un-American

So now some are calling Trump un-American.
Sounds very un-American to me to call a born and raised American un-American.
Everyone is supposed to think and act a certain way?
To be an American one must conform to a set of beliefs and ideas?
Next thing you know and people will be telling whites they are not white and blacks are not blacks because they don't conform to what others say blacks are or whites are.
And guess what? That happens too.
I am certain many Muslims find themselves in the same boat as Trump. They don't like being told they must act or think a certain way. I'm also certain there are many Muslims living in this country because they don't want to live in a Muslim country where they are told they must act and think in a certain way to be a real Muslim.
Maybe the real problem worldwide is people being sick and tired of religious leaders of any and all religions trying to force everyone to think and act the way they want them to think and act.
You know the deal. A Republican in name only. A Christian in name only. An American in name only.
Conform my precious sheep. Conform!  

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