Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My problem with Obama

First, let me admit I voted for Obama twice.
But if he had run against Trump, I would have voted for Trump, which in a way I did when Trump ran against Clinton.
I don't think Obama was a bad president so much as he was a disappointing president. He was too much of a lawyer and not enough of a leader. He could be emotional but usually his emotions came across as weak. He was also too darn preachy, as is often the case with liberals.
But my main problem with Obama was his failure to admit a deep truth about himself. He was not the first Black President. He was the first Black and White President.
Maybe that fault is as much the fault of all whites and many blacks who automatically call someone of mixed race black. How prejudice is that?
Think about it. Most people in the USA are of mixed race and or nationality. There is very little of pure anything. Some people manage to be proud of the diversity that led to them being born. Italians marry Germans. Germans marry Polish and the mix goes on and on. But somehow when it comes to blacks and whites, the white gets lost and you either accept or claim to be black, dismissing the white in you. This is a tragedy that Obama could have corrected. Sadly, he didn't. I hope he just bought into it and didn't do it because he figured he had a better chance at becoming the first black president than if he had tried to become the first black and white president.
I doubt we will ever know what the truth was, is.       

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