Friday, March 24, 2017

People need to grow up

If you are an American, stop looking to the government, state or federal, for anything. If you are not a citizen, you don't have a right to anything.
Stop the begging and the whining.
There are only a couple of rights anyone has. You have the right to live until you die. You have the right to try as long as you are alive. You can dream all you want but you don't have any right to see any of your dreams come true.
You can believe whatever you want to believe but you need to understand that believing doesn't make it true.
If you are old enough to have children and you do have children, the least you can hope for your children is for them to grow up and not be dependent upon you. Since this is the least you can hope for your children, shouldn't the same apply to you?
Growing up means not looking for anyone to take care of you. Grow up!   

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