Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The problem with the Euro zone

The problem with the Euro zone is its attempt to be USA Lite. It's as though the Europeans think they can become sort of like the USA by having a common currency and making it easy to go from one country to another, thus treating countries as though they were states in the USA. But they leave out a key ingredient to what makes the USA the USA - namely a common language. Other key ingredients include a common culture and a common history.
Now in fairness to the Europeans, I should point out there are citizens of the USA that would like to model the USA after the mess Europe has become. They want weak borders. They don't want a common language or common culture. They are working diligently to divide the people of the USA into competing communities (black, gay, hispanic, muslim, etc.) - get rid of the "melting pot" concept and create something they call a tossed salad.
The talk as though one religion is no better nor worse than any other religion because they really don't like any religion. Sorry Muslims, they don't like you. They just say they support you because they want to downgrade Christians. Given time, they will come after you. But then the Jihadists already know this.
I can't read the future but I do have some concerns. I wonder if the USA will be recognizable or even exist  a hundred years from now. I doubt we will dare call ourselves Number One a hundred years from now. That title will probably go to China and or maybe even Russia. Why do I see a future from them and not the USA? Because neither country has any interest in multiculturalism. They insist on being Chinese or Russians, and have no interest in accommodating those who would destroy them.

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