Monday, May 21, 2018

The problem is not guns

Those who argue we need more and better laws limiting who can own/buy a gun are living in a fantasy world. Guns are all over the place and have been all over the place even before this land became the USA. There are millions of them. They are in more house and apartments than you can imagine.
If you care about kids in schools and don't want to see them getting killed by kids in the schools, there is only one solution and it has nothing to do with banning guns nor does it have anything to do with who can purchase a gun.
What is needed is a national law forcing all schools to adopt strict security measures. All doors in schools should be locked. Everyone and anyone, including the kids, need to be scanned with metal detectors. Security cameras need to be operating at all entrances to the school. A security guard should be present at all doors that allow people to enter, including students.
Just remember this. Most inner city schools have had this kind of security in place for many years. This is why you don't hear of mass shootings taking place at inner city schools. The shootings take place in suburban and country schools where the security is lax or no existent.
Wake up America. Debating gun control will only continue the killing.

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