Monday, February 15, 2010

An elephant in the room

New York politics is about as dirty and as useless as you can get.
On the local public radio news today from North Country Public Radio, there was one more of the never ending stories about Governor David Paterson and smear rumors over him, and isn't it time for Paterson to say he won't run for Governor in November to clear the field for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to be the Democratic nominee.
What tweaked my ears was a reference to Cuomo as "The elephant in the room."
I had to laugh because to be politically accurate if not so politically correct, the statement should have been "The donkey (or if you prefer, the jackass) in the room."
The problems Paterson is having are all about him not kissing up to the thousands of special interest groups that want some other interest group to shoulder the needed cuts in funding to save NY from bankruptcy.
Everyone is saying, "Not in my backyard."
If I have any problem with Paterson, it is that his cuts don't go far enough. I say cut, slash and burn until there is a zero deficit. Cut salaries on everyone and anyone making more than $100,000 at taxpayer expense to $100,000.
Oh, you can't get good help unless you pay for it? If that were true, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in. Roads and bridges would be perfect. Every kid in NYS would be graduating from high school and college with A's.
Also, when it comes to our great legislators, they should not be allowed to have any income other that what they get paid to be our legislators.

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