Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toyota vs congress

The hearings before congress are an example of why I despise our so called elected representatives.
They, much like the press, are ever on the look out to present themselves as people of the highest moral standards.
While I recognize Toyota has some serious problems they need to fix, I am not shocked to learn they or any auto manufacture has some mechanical problems.
The only time I was surprised during this whole fiasco was the first report about a driver who called 911 when his car suddenly accelerated. Wow, I thought, how stupid can you be?
This reaction was the result of something that happened to me in the early 70's. The car I was driving suddenly accelerated. My first and only reaction was to put the car in neutral. The car slowed with the engine racing. I pulled over onto the shoulder and turned the engine off.
The problem was the accelerator spring coming off. I reattached the spring and drove safely on my way.
Of course, things like this should never happen but things like this point out what I have always maintained. There are far to many drivers who don't know anything about a car except how to start the engine and point the car in the direction they hope to go. They use their breaks far too often. There should never be any reason to touch the breaks while driving, except to turn off the road you are on or to stop the car. Approaching a sharp turn in the road? Take foot off the pedal and let the car slow itself, then step on the accelerator in the turn. Driving in bad weather (snow and rain)? Slow down! Going downhill on a slippery road? Let the car slow down. If that is not enough, slip into a lower gear before you start going downhill. Do not, DO NOT, use the breaks!
Back to our elected representatives.
The economy is a mess. Health care is a mess. Do they care? Why should they when they get paid to sit around and talk, and don't worry about health care because they have health insurance we pay for.
Fire them and tell them to get a job at Wal Mart. Take away their free health insurance and won't they start to fix health care.

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