Monday, November 1, 2010

The American Nightmare

Simple solutions for simple minds.
We need to realize the foundations of our current problems have been brewing for over 30 years and maybe even more.
The foundations I am referring to are automation, growing populations and globalization.
Automation requires fewer people to produce more goods. More people simply means there are more people looking for fewer needed jobs. Globalization means companies can tap from the entire world to find where they get the best bottom line.
Both we the people and government at all levels have used borrowing to fill in the gaps.
As governments and people now start looking for ways to lower their budgets, more and more people will be out of work or accept work they wouldn't have dreamed of accepting at lower wages.
Forget about bandwagons. How many people can get on a life raft before the life raft sinks?
Sorry to be so negative here but I only wish to point out how quick and simple solutions will not work.
Create jobs? Sure but jobs are not created by snapping the fingers. First there NEEDS to be a product or a service for which there is a demand and people who have the money to purchase the product or service. Remove just one item from the equation and you get what we now have.
I guess after all is said and done, and all things are considered, we all went a little too far out on the limb. It seems to me the so called American Dream was designed and marketed by business and government to get us to want more and more of everything, and it didn't much matter if we really needed it. Buy, throw away and buy so you can throw more away. Borrow if you can't afford it but whatever you do – BUY! Not to buy became Un-American and the American Dream became the American Nightmare.

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