Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My political positions

Now with the Republicans and Tea Party people excited over their victories, I can only wish them luck. But the reality may soon be very different for them when the economy does not suddenly turn around.
I predict: Happy Days will not soon be found.
For myself, everyone I voted for was elected except for one candidate. I did not vote for Andrew Cuomo,only because I knew he would win. Knowing he would win, I voted for Christin Davis, the Manhattan Madam. Otherwise, I voted straight Democratic and all won.
I voted for Davis because I firmly believe prostitution and all drugs, not just marijuana should be legal.
I firmly believe all religions should stay the hell out of politics. Let them control their members without trying to use the government to enforce their rules, regulations and beliefs.
You let Christians draft laws to bolster their beliefs and things you must not do and before you know it, you will have Muslims pushing for their religious laws to be enforced by the government.

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