Tuesday, March 8, 2011


No, this is not about the Death Penalty but is a play on words.
Abortion is closer to what I am thinking about.
We have our Pro-Life people and we have our Pro-Choice people. Whose side you might be on is not of my interest. Nor am I thinking about assisted suicide, although that is closer to what I would like to write about here.
I suppose under normal circumstances on a day to day basis we all like to live and wish to continue to do so. But have you ever thought about how death is an important component of life, how for there to be life there must also be death?
A simple example of what I mean is food. You need to eat in order to live. Everything you eat is something that once lived. This includes plants as well as animals.
If no one died, how long would it be before the planet was overcrowded to the point where there was no room for plants and other animals to feed us? How long would it be before the planet was so trashed that we decided life wasn't worth living?
Life is valuable only because of death. Death clears out the old to make way for the new. Without death, we would need to stop procreating. Without death, everything would become older and older and older.
Yes, do live. But do understand death is not the enemy of life. It is but life's partner in the creation of new life.

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