Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ten years after

I know it's not quite 10 years after 9/11 but it is beginning to seem longer than that.
Terrorism and terrorists seem so yesterday and I think this is true also for most Muslims.
Things are rapidly changing throughout the World, including in the Muslim countries. With little or no help from us, unless you include Social Networks and the Internet, Muslims are tired of the same old same old and are demanding more freedom.
For far too long the only requirement the US government demanded for a Muslim country to be our "Friend" was that they talked tough on terrorism. It didn't matter if they were dictators who oppressed their people. All that mattered was that they say that they stood with us on the War on Terrorism.
This approach needs to stop.
Yes, I fully realize that our ideas of freedom and Muslim ideas on freedom are not exactly the same. But stop and think for a moment how even in this country, the USA, ideas on freedom are often hotly debated. Think of abortion and gay marriage as just two of the many freedom issues we fight about. Disagreeing is just part of being free.
Radical nuts and religious extremests are in our own country and in every part of the world. The time to recognize this and act accordingly has come.
We need to support people throughout the World who rise up against dictators, be those dictators or friend or foe.
We should never have crawled into bed with these dictators, sending them military goodies to suppress there people.

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