Thursday, September 14, 2017

Global warming primer

Call it Global Warming. Call it Climate Change. Call it whatever you want to call it but don't be fooled by the those advocating something must be done to stop it and save the world from a climate disaster.
Al Gore, the Pope and Bill McKibben will wag their fingers and flap their mouths to warn you of the dangers and tell you it is all your fault. But it isn't.
They are correct about one thing while being wrong about just about everything else they say.
They are correct when they say humans are the primary cause of Global Warming/Climate Change. They are wrong when they try to convince you that you can solve the problem by "going green" and by supporting their push to stop mining coal, drilling for oil and natural gas, and trading in your car for a bicycle.
None of those things will accomplish anything so long as the human population continues to grow.
More and more humans create the demand for more and more energy and that demand far outstrips the energy that can be supplied by wind turbines and solar panels. Perhaps even more important is the fact that more and more humans destroy planet Earth for all animal and plant life.
Adding more and more humans to the planet is like adding more and more people to a sinking ship while claiming to save everyone by simply bailing water with tea cup from the sinking ship.
Solar panels and wind mills are the tea cups that will not save planet earth.
The only solution is to stop and then reverse the number of humans on the planet.

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