Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why I Prefer Belief.

This may sound a bit strange but I believe there are a lot of reasons to favor believing over knowing.
Believing in its truest and most basic form is admitting you don't know. It's more humble to say you believe than to say you know.
Believing is mostly about feeling. Believing is warm. Knowing is cold.
Sometimes people will say they know something when they should be saying they believe something.
Believing implies risk. You could be wrong. But when you say you know when in fact you don't know, the risk is greater. Claiming to know, then learning you were wrong can be devastating in ways believing seldom is. Believing then learning you were wrong hurts but is not as devastating because your heart was in the right place.
No one knows whether or not there truly is a God. Believing or not believing are the only two choices. A positive belief will always trump a negative belief and the only thing worse than a negative belief is claiming to know what you don't know.
Believe in love. Believe in life. Believe in yourself and the people you love. Believe you are loved.     

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