Saturday, November 24, 2018

Blame/Thank God

If Global Warming/Climate Change is actually happening, you might want to blame or thank God for it.
I'm thinking back to Noah and the Great Flood when God killed off everyone but Noah and his family because of how sinful humans had become.
I'm guessing we are now more sinful than those humans back in the day when the flood cleaned the earth of sinful humans. While it is true that God promised to never use floods to kill off most of the people, no where is it written than He couldn't use a variety of means to accomplish the same end.
Fires and mudslides in California, hurricanes and rising tides along the coasts are just some of the ways God could put a hurting on sinful humans.
And lets not forget all the damage that can be done to Europe and the United States being attacked by illegals entering the country. There are just so many ways to destroy Western Civilization and send all humans into misery to the point they kill each other. Final solution - Nuclear War.
Oh, Happy Days!
Do I believe any of the above will happen? No really but who knows.   

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