Monday, November 5, 2018

The problem with Pro-Choice

The problem with politicians and others who support Pro-Choice, a woman's right to have or not have an abortion, is a way to avoid moral responsibility.
Choosing to have an abortion (or choosing to perform an abortion) is choosing to murder an unborn child.
What is growing inside a woman's womb is a baby, a human baby. It won't grow up to be anything other than human. What is growing inside the woman is not part of her body. It is a separate body growing withing the woman. You can call it an embryo or a fetus. You can call it whatever you want to call it but it is human no matter what you call it.
I can understand and even agree with the idea of not want to put a woman in prison for having an abortion but this desire to not put a woman in jail is not a justification for excusing abortion. It would be far better to treat it as murder but make the punishment community service in a maternity ward. Now when it comes to the abortionist, charge him or her with murder and prosecute accordingly.

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