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Inlet TB February 11 2020

Public hearing for Townsend property
INLET—At the February 11 meeting of the Inlet Town Board, the Townsend family would like to obtain ownership of a strip of land that separates the John Townsend property into two lots. A value would have to be determined and research as to how it could be done is needed. It would also have to have a public hearing, including a permissive referendum.
Yvonne Lutz spoke that she believes that strip is where the deeded lake rights to Seventh Lake for her house are. More research from John Deming will be done.
Councilman Brownsell made a motion to start the process with a public hearing opening at 7:45 pm on March 10. Councilman Levi seconded.
4 ayes 0 nays motion carried. Councilman Townsend recused himself.
Superintendent Hansen reported on the numerous projects that they have been working on, in addition to plowing, sanding, installing springs on truck and Mack going out for repairs. The 284 report was discussed and what projects would be encompassed. Supervisor Frey had thanked the Highway Department for all the hard work with the recent storm.
The Transfer Station is closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. The hours seem to be going well so far. Keeping up on the sorting. Received two quotes for a new 30-yard container. Fairly close in price, however, specifications on each was discussed. The Board didn’t see a real difference in the two.
Councilman Levi made a motion to purchase the less expensive one with WasteQuip at $5,595. Councilman Townsend seconded.
5 ayes 0 nays motion carried.
CAP21 is still working on helping different towns secure highspeed internet. Working to have all underserved areas addressed.
Town Clerk Yvonne Lutz presented a letter from National Grid and an easement needed to move a pole from a neighboring property to partially on the Town property in the ballpark area (road). The Board reviewed the proposed location on a map, however, did not feel comfortable signing the easement until the physically went out to the location to determine the new placement.
The Board had reviewed the Supervisor’s reports for the years and all the funds balances/deficits presented by Yvonne Lutz. Some fund lines were overspent, however, were to be funded by other lines that had funds unspent. Councilman Brownsell made a motion to allow Supervisor Frey and Bookkeeper to the Supervisor, Yvonne Lutz to make all fund lines whole in accordance with fund balances to present the AUD to the Comptroller’s office. Councilman Levi seconded.
5 Ayes 0 Nays Motion carried.
Supervisor Frey mentioned that he would be attending the Climate Smart meeting, in addition to a meeting regarding the reciprocal police contract.
Supervisor Frey spoke regarding social media and continued issues. He asked that if a town employee is replying to something public online to please remain positive. Even if acting in a personal capacity, be mindful that you are a town employee.
Groomers were out every day. Conditions are still thin in spots. Shawn thanked Town of Webb for allowing them to use snow in Eagle Bay to help with thinning trails. The transition of Chip overseeing grooming is going well. Dave Scranton asked if the golf course has been open yet and at this time, it has not because they need at least 18 inches of snow to groom. Mr. Corasanti was thanked for the use of his equipment and help on the trails. His equipment worked even better with the conditions currently. Dave Scranton asked what discussions have been had with Mr. Corasanti regarding the easements to start working on the land for the mountain bike trails. He added that we are lucky to have someone like Dave Corasanti to work with. Supervisor Frey agreed that he is wonderful to work with.
Aimee VanWie wanted to state for the record that Frank Abel is a dedicated worker and always looks out for the town employees. She added that he drives a long distance to be here and is always reliable.
Brad Fox spoke regarding his position with the Town of Inlet and his love for the job. He read a statement to the Board expressing his wishes to keep his job and why things had happened to cause his termination. Brad expressed that he feels it was a lack of communication and dislike from co-workers that caused any issues. He reminded everyone of how hard he works.
Mitch Lee defended the accusations that other employees were not easy to get along with and as hard of workers, as Brad had indicated.
Dave Scranton spoke and said he felt that Brad was a huge asset to the town and that he is somewhat mistreated.
Supervisor John Frey clarified that a portion of Brad Fox’s pay included a stipend for helping with coverage of the WWTP. Councilman Brownsell added that others were given this opportunity and did not want the job at the WWTP. Dave Scranton added that he doesn’t see an issue with an employee being a few minutes late.
After holding an Executive Session, the employee’s request to be rehired after termination was denied. He was wished best of luck.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk

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