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Indian Lake Councilwoman Patricia Ryan Curry resigns

 ILTB August 10 2020

Indian Lake Councilwoman Patricia Ryan Curry resigns


INDIAN LAKE—When the Indian Lake Town Board met on August 10, Supervisor Wells told all that Councilwoman Curry is resigning her post as councilwoman.

Supervisor Wells thanked Councilwoman Curry for the tremendous amount of work she has done since becoming a Councilwoman. He stated that not only are we losing a board member, we are losing a community member as well.

He stated that she would be missed by all.

The board wished Councilwoman Curry luck and best wishes.

Councilwoman Curry stated that 33 years ago she came here to teach. She said she was extremely glad she stayed and was happy that she could serve the community in this capacity. She stated that she hoped the year-round residents and the second homeowners will work together to make this community the best it can be. She stated that she has enjoyed working with everyone.


Councilwoman Curry offered the Equality And Justice For All Resolution, which basically states that Indian Lake welcomes people of all races, creeds, and colors, and promotes their safety in the area.

The resolution was Seconded by all and was approved.

The resolution was in response to some reports of racial bigotry in other North Country Counties.

Supervisor Wells thanked Councilwoman Curry, Brenda Valentine and Sue Montgomery-Corey for their work on the resolution.

Councilwoman Curry stated that this was not going to be a sitting document and they were currently working on a task force committee to implement ways to be inclusive of all.


Councilwoman Patricia Curry congratulated Kevin King, Department Head of Sewer and Water, and crew for their work with the D.E.C. and the D.O.H. Supervisor Wells also commended them for their work with the Stewarts company, he stated that he was appreciative of their efforts.

Councilwoman Sally Stanton questioned Bill Laprairie, Department Head of Buildings and Grounds, concerning the recent vandalism at the Beaches and Blue Mt. Lake ballfield. Bill stated that a lot of damage was done but it has gotten better the last week.

Bill LaPrairie reported to the Board that he had choose the New Holland Tractor. The bids were approved at the last meeting with the stipulation that they would be looked over by Supervisor Wells and Bill Laprairie.

Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that Kevin King, Department Head of Sewer and Water, was on vacation. He stated that Pat Mahoney had offered to participate in the meeting, but Supervisor Wells stated it was not necessary. He told all if there were any questions, get to him, and he would get an answer for them.


Justice Edward Brown presented a proposal from the Justice Department from Mahoney Plus for some new security equipment. Supervisor Wells also had a proposal for some security equipment as well due to a few incidents in the Town Clerk’s Office. He stated that this would be discussed during the Budget Process but wanted to give the Board a heads up.

Justice Brown explained the proposal and cost. He explained this would be in the form of a grant and the turnaround time to receive the monies to do this would probably be around six months.

Supervisor Wells stated that once the grant has been awarded, he was sure the Town could pay to get it done now and then get reimbursed once the funds are awarded.

Councilwoman Curry made a motion to move forward with the Justice Grant in th e amount of $11,672.50, with a monthly charge once completed of $80 a month for the monitoring fee. Seconded by, Councilman Rathbun and all approved.


Supervisor Wells made a motion to accept the truck bids for review. Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton. Supervisor Wells stated that these would be gone over by himself and Kevin King, Department Head of Sewer and Water.

All approved.


Supervisor Wells told all that we had received two compliments on the way we are running the transfer station concerning our safety protocol. They stated that it is very efficient, and the Employees are very helpful.


Supervisor Wells stated that he would like to hold off on the Garbage/Recyclable Ad until the next meeting as there have been some issues that need to be improved upon in the contract. The Cleaner Needed Ad will be put in the paper. Bids will be due September 11.


Supervisor Wells told all present that the interviews had been completed for the Senior Account Clerk Position. He stated that Pam Howard, Senior Account Clerk, Councilwoman Stanton, and himself had chosen the applicant. He told all they hired, Suzanne Walrath. He told all that had many excellent candidates but unfortunately, we can only hire one.


Supervisor Wells explained to all that there had been a mistake on the Supervisors Retirement form that needed to be fixed. He stated to the Board that the Standard Workday Resolution needed to be voted on again. Councilman Rathbun made a motion to accept the Standard Workday Resolution Form.

Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton.

All approved but Wells recused himself.


The board approved a resolution in support for better cell phone service.

Supervisor Wells stated that the cell service in our rural areas needed improvement. He stated that the cell tower policy by the APA needs to be revised.


Supervisor Wells spoke of the events taking place in the area. He stated he hopes they have a safety plan policy and have been working with the Hamilton County Department of Health and spoken to their attorneys. He reiterated that there would be no events held on Town Property.

Supervisor Wells reported that to date no Request For Proposals for Bog removal or the generator have been submitted.

Wells reported that Claudia Cunniff, Deputy Clerk, has been working on the "One Call. He stated that it was in place and maybe we could do a trial run in a couple weeks.

Supervisor Wells asked if the board had had a chance to look over the Building and Property use Policy. He also stated that the Board needed to review the Town's hiring policy.

Supervisor Wells stated that he liked the Zoom Meetings as we have more participation.


Supervisor Wells offered Resolution Honoring Terry Fish. It was Seconded by all and approved.

Wells stated that Terry has been an instrumental member of the community and he will be missed by alt


Councilwoman Curry asked how the speed limit for Crow Hill Road was moving along. Supervisor Wells stated that he had handed it over to Hamilton County Highway Department Head, Tracey Eldridge, and he had turned everything over to D.O.T.

Councilwoman Curry also questioned her replacement. Supervisor Wells stated this would be done in Executive Session.

No action was taken in Executive Session.

Councilwoman Curry also questioned how the TRP from DEC was coming along for the Weed District.

Supervisor Wells stated he would check on that as well.

Councilman Mahoney reported to the Board that he and Trampoline have been working on the Web Site and it was almost ready to launch. Supervisor Wells thanked Councilman Mahoney for the work he had done on this.

Councilwoman Stanton wished Councilwoman Curry all the best. She stated she would be missed!

This article is based on minutes provided by Town Clerk, Julie Clawson.

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