Friday, September 18, 2020

ILCS cancels travel club this year

 ILCS BOE August 18 2020

ILCS cancels travel club this year


INDIAN LAKE—When the Indian Lake Central School Board of Education met on August 18, Superintendent Dave Snide reported there would not be a travel club trip this year, but the clay target fall league is a go at the Fish and Game Club with Greg George supervising.

The Board retreat will be held in the school cafeteria Thursday, October 1 at 5 pm.

Recommendations for Approval

The board approved a tax rate resolution for 2020-21.

The board approved the bus maintenance agreement with Minerva CSD.

The board approved the AIS (Academic Interventional Services). Carried.

The board approved fund raisers.

The board approve the claims audit for July 1, 31.

The board approved Carissa Lance and Greyson Knight as out of district students for 2020-2 l.

The board approved Indian Lake CSD Building Level Emergency Response Plan for 2020-21.

The board approved Bryan Dunbar as night cleaner at a rate of $13 per hour.

The board approved Robin Witz as a substitute nurse.

The board approved waiving parenting and personal finance graduation requirements for the 9th and I0th grade for the 2020-21 school year.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Dianna Wilder, District Clerk.

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