Friday, October 9, 2020

Salt contamination levels leveling off in Lake Pleasant.

 LPTB September 21 2020

Salt contamination levels leveling off in Lake Pleasant.


LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on September 21, Supervisor Betsy Bain said she received a letter from Bill Dievendorf with the results of him testing the contaminated wells. The result being the salt contamination levels have leveled off. However, except for the Town Hall well, no significant improvement is noted.

The existing Reverse Osmosis Systems are treating the water satisfactorily, but, with time, they will require more maintenance and eventual replacement. He recommended a standby unit to be kept on hand with a quote of $3,100 McGovern suggested that money be put in the 2021 budget for the extra system.


Superintendent Randy Lavarnway stated that this Thursday September 24 will be the last Thursday garbage pick-up for the year, back to pick up on Mondays.

DOT removed the beaver dam under the Lake Pleasant bridge on Rt. 8 as there were many phone calls to the Town saying that people could not paddle through.

Head mechanic Don Pinkerton passed his Class B CDL road test today. Chip seal was done on Hamilton Lake Rd. all that needs to be done are the shoulders.

Next week, Tues. and Wed., Long View Drive and Old Indian Lake Rd. are getting 2- inch type 6 topcoat. The Highway Crew started to prep the old bus garage for fresh paint but seeing what shape the building was in Superintendent Lavarnway decided it would be less expensive to use metal siding. Some of the old broken windows are just being boarded up and covered by metal siding. The front and left side of the building is being done this year next year the other side the colors will match the other buildings.


Cristine Meixner handed out her study from 2017- 2020 on permits given out. After reviewing the figures, the new Williamson Law software should be paid off in 3 years with the new updates in fees. Supervisor Bain and Code/Zoning Officer met with the Mayor who is still working on fees so at this time the discussion is tabled until the next Board meeting, the sooner this gets decided the sooner we can inform the public of new fees.


Cristine Meixner has meet with Lake Pleasant School Superintendent about using the School for a shelter, during the pandemic the Superintendent will have to investigate where being a shelter fits in. Further discussion in the Spring.


OFFERED BY, Cristine Meixner and by Neil McGovern

RESOLVED, after much discussion the Board agreed to make the following changes to the present permit. Permit fee $75 plus $200 per 10 ft. of culvert.



Discussion on the dumpster request form - Don Braunius is concerned about the liability insurance coverage. he knows firsthand that it is not always easy to place these dumpsters where people requested. Don wants the wording added that the Town is not responsible for any property damage. Town Clerk said she would add the wording and bring it back to the table at the next Town Board Meeting.


There were two bids that were received by the Supervisor for the new flooring in the Primary Care building Ruby & Quiri $17,322 and David Ameden $19,529.

The board approved the low bid and RESOLVED, that the cost of the flooring will be covered by $10,000 in money that has been donated over the years and the balance paid by the consolidated health account. ADOPTED by all.


Supervisor Bain, Zoning/Code Officer Bob Benkovich and Speculator Mayor Barrett have been discussing a septic law there will be a committee set up to work on this.

There was a discussion on installing more electric vehicle charging stations. There are some at the Lane Emporium, and it was suggested maybe more at the Pavilion in the Village. Bain will talk to the Mayor on this.

Nancy Seifts and Don Braunius will be meeting with the O’Brien’s at Oak Mt. about kid’s ski lessons and try and draw up a youth recreation contract. This information is important for the youth rec budget line. Neil McGovern said he thinks there was one in the past maybe in the Supervisors office. Town Clerk will look in the past minutes.


Neil McGovern said he had gotten a call about the benches that the Village will no longer be responsible for the benches and their storage. Neil will investigate this and find out if this is true.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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